How to Get a Green Card in Washington DC | Getting a Green Card in the District of Columbia DC

In the most recent statistical year 2,724 DC residents received a Green Card. The city contains a foreign-born population numbering 83,599 residents, from the following regions:

  • Europe: 16,937
  • Asia: 15,696
  • Africa: 11,905
  • Oceania: 302
  • Latin America: 37,516
  • North America: 1,243

USCIS’s Washington DC Field Office is available for appointments regarding immigration help or questions, and located just across the state border in Virginia at 2675 Prosperity Avenue Fairfax, VA 22031.

Green Card through Marriage

Green Card through Employment

Green Card through Family

Make an appointment in your state or city through InfoPass with USCIS immigration officials

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