How to Get a Green Card in Nevada | Getting a Green Card in Nevada NV

As you research how to get a Green Card in Nevada consider the following numbers:

Last year 10,449 state residents successfully obtained Green Cards in Nevada.

Statewide there are 522,463 foreign-born Nevada residents, from the following regions:

  • 43,332 from Europe
  • 146,847 from Asia
  • 11,566 from Africa
  • 3,981 from Oceania
  • 307,942 from Latin America
  • 8,795 from North America

USCIS maintains two field offices in Nevada where you can make an appointment for help with your immigration questions:

  • Las Vegas Field Office at 5650 West Badura Avenue, Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89118, serving the counties of:
    • Clark
    • Esmerelda
    • Nye
    • Lincoln
  • Reno Field Office at 790 Sandhill Road Reno, NV 89521, serving the counties of:
    • Carson
    • Churchill
    • Douglas
    • Elko
    • Eureka
    • Humboldt
    • Lander
    • Lyon
    • Mineral
    • Pershing
    • Storey
    • Washoe
    • White Pine

Green Card through Marriage

Green Card through Employment

Green Card through Family

Make an appointment in your state or city through InfoPass with USCIS immigration officials

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