How to Get a Green Card in Hawaii | Getting a Green Card in Hawaii HI

If you have questions about the immigration process or need help you can make an appointment at the USCIS’s Honolulu Field Office located on 500 Ala Moana Boulevard Building 2, Room 400 Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.

Last year there were 7,296 successful applicants for Green Cards in the state, and a total of 246,091 people in Hawaii were born in a foreign country in the following regions:

  • 12,286 from Europe
  • 193,469 from Asia
  • 654 from Africa
  • 25,628 from Oceania
  • 10,760 from Latin America
  • 3,294 from North America


Green Card through Marriage

Green Card through Employment

Green Card through Family

Make an appointment in your state or city through InfoPass with USCIS immigration officials

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7 thoughts on “How to Get a Green Card in Hawaii | Getting a Green Card in Hawaii HI

  1. Ronald mccowan

    Hi this is Ronald Mccowan . I am USA and married Filipino in Philippines . Live in Philippines . I want to know if we move to Hawaii . Wife want work in Hawaii . Can she get green card? Thank Ronald .

    1. Administrator Post author

      Greetings Ronald,

      The answer to your question is yes. As long as she enters the US/Hawaii legally (for example, on a tourist visa), and you can meet the financial plus a few other requirements for a green card, then once you are both in Hawaii you can file the forms “I-130 Petition for Alien Relative,” and “I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or to Adjust Status.” You can find the details about this process here:

      If you want to file the paperwork while you are still in the Philippines you can file Form I-130 and wait until that is approved before you come to the USA/Hawaii.

      You can find this same information from the government’s website:

      Good luck and have a good time in Hawaii

  2. Reico baso

    My names reico im 18 and i was born in marshall island and moved to hawaii when i was 3 years old. Would i be able to to get green card on the spot or get authorization from Marshall island officals? Or like how dose it work? And the green card means i would be a citizen?

  3. Maritess Popovich

    Hi! Can i ask a question ? I came here in hawaii as a tourist visa then get married to a US citizen..what will i suppose to file? Thanks

  4. Jhonalyn

    Hi..this jhonalyn…me and my husband got married last july 20…how can we file an adjustment of status,working permit and advance parole..i am from philippines and my husband is native hawaiian chinese..what are those requirements need to submit from both of us,me as k1 visa and my husband a us citizen..can i apply work even ssn and state i.d for now?thanks and God bless.


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