How to Get a Green Card in Georgia | Getting a Green Card in Georgia GA

USCIS maintains one field office in Georgia where you can make an appointment for immigration services. The Atlanta Field Office is located at 2150 Parklake Drive NE Atlanta, Georgia 30345. Last year 27,015 people living in Georgia received a Green Card. Overall there are 942,921 foreign-born residents living in Georgia, who came from the following locations:

  • Europe: 83,773
  • Asia: 252,388
  • Africa: 79,947
  • Oceania: 2,850
  • Latin America: 509,049
  • North America: 14,914

Green Card through Marriage

Green Card through Employment

Green Card through Family

Make an appointment in your state or city through InfoPass with USCIS immigration officials

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6 thoughts on “How to Get a Green Card in Georgia | Getting a Green Card in Georgia GA

  1. Muhammad siddique

    I am interested in imgration and what’s are the requirement and rule and regulation of getting green card for Georgia

  2. Saraj Hameed Hameed

    I was expecting to receive my and my wife green cards but the InfoPas told me the green cards were already sent to your address but whenever referred to USPS office they told me the package was returned to sender now I am kindly requesting you to help me returne my package to the same address.
    Saraj Hameed Hameed


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