How to Get a Green Card in Alaska | Getting a Green Card in Alaska AK

USCIS maintains one field office in Alaska where you can make an appointment to get more information about immigrating. The office is located at 620 East 10th Avenue, Suite 102 Anchorage, AK 99501.

In the most recent statistical year 1,799 applicants successfully received Green Cards in Alaska. The state has a total of 51,603 foreign-born residents, coming from the following regions:

  • 10,905 from Europe
  • 26,822 from Asia
  • 1,633 from Africa
  • 1,425 from Oceania
  • 8,316 from Latin America
  • 2,502 from North America

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Green Card through Marriage

Green Card through Employment

Green Card through Family

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32 thoughts on “How to Get a Green Card in Alaska | Getting a Green Card in Alaska AK

  1. Aleksander

    Hello,My name is aleksander and i am albanian but i used to live in in italy the last eleven years.Recently many people talks about living in alaska,and i sincerely would like to estabilish my future life there with my family(my wife,my infant daughter).I would like to have some more information on what i need about documents to transfer there.Thanks

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Aleksander, it sounds like your best option would be to find an employer who would sponsor you for a work permit. Big industries in Alaska are energy, seafood, transportation, and tourism. Perhaps if you have skills in any of these areas you will have an easier time finding an employer to sponsor you.

      Good luck- write back if you have more questions.

  2. aikaterini Kafetzaki

    My name is Katerina, and we are looking the possibility for moving from Grece to Alaska. We are looking for a new opportunity in our life and always we loved the posibility to live in a place like Alaska. With my huband we have 2 daughters 5 and 7 years old and we would like to have more information about it. could you sugget us whome we have to contact for gathering more information about it? thank you in advanced

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Katerina, you sound like an adventurous person to move with your family from your home country to Alaska- I think many people would prefer to do the opposite and enjoy the warm weather you have 😉

      To be honest I don’t know any people to contact in Alaska. I would guess that your best chance at moving there would be if you found a job and got your employer to sponsor you and your husband for a work visa.

      I will write what I wrote in an email to another person who asked about Alaska:

      Hello Mr. X,

      That sounds like a nice goal you have to move to Alaska.

      If you can show that you have enough funds to support yourself, you can move there with a tourist visa for three months, and possibly extend that visa for an additional three-six months. However, going on a tourist visa doesn’t allow you to work legally. Though perhaps while you were there you could meet an employer and arrange all the employment details in person.

      The other option is to find a job there and get a work visa that allows you to stay while you are still in your home country. This is possible, and companies that hire foreigners may help you through the process of getting a work visa. Once you have a job I believe you can basically stay as long as you are employed, though you will need to renew your work visa periodically.

      Two big industries in Alaska that hire foreigners are: tourism and fisheries.

      The tourism is an obvious one- just research the national parks in Alaska and check out the employment options offered by the different resorts in those parks (check with the resorts, hotels, etc, not the jobs as park rangers because those are only for US citizens/permanent residents). One example is Denali National Park ( These types of jobs are working in a restaurant, hotel, guiding, etc, but the good thing is you are already in the national park so when you have time off you can go hiking or do other activities.

      For the fisheries- these jobs are hard work but they pay relatively well by American standards for someone who doesn’t have a university degree. Here is a site that talks about those:

      There are two main distinctions for these jobs: on-shore in canneries where you process seafood, and out on the boats where you catch seafood. Working on a boat pays especially well but is hard work. Many people come to work on a boat for a summer and then live off their earnings the rest of the year.

      (In your case Katerina, I’m not sure what you or your husband’s professional work background is, so maybe you/he could even find a job in your/his field)

      If you try this work visa route then you must be patient and check your way through each employer, send emails asking for a work visa (the company has to sponsor you for a work visa), and be persistent in searching. Here is a forum that talks about that:

      Another obstacle you may face if you want to live there long-term: many of the fishing and tourism jobs are seasonal, mainly during summer. So you may end up needing to work a few summers before you can find something permanent. But maybe you will find a permanent job sooner.

      Good luck and have fun

  3. Roman

    My name is Roman and I am 17 years old. I decided a few months ago that I want to go living in Alaska when I am 21 (Im gonna finnish my studies first and work for 1 year to get some money). I currently live in Belgium. I know that I need a greencard. Here is a question: I have familly in Florida (the brother of the grandfather of my grandfather moved to America, he had some kids and they live there now). Can they request a greencard for me when I am 21 years old or not? If so, how long does it take?

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Roman, I don’t believe this connection would qualify you for a family reunification green card. However, your US citizen relatives could potentially start a business and arrange to have you employed, and subsequently get you a work visa to move to America.

      Good luck

  4. Onella


    I’m Nelly my husband and I are looking to migrating to Valdez Alaska . We are from the Carobbean (Trinidad & Tobago).

    Kindly advise if we can approach the US Embassy in our country for the legalities and procedures to make this move.

    Thank you for any assistance.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Greetings Nelly, that sounds like a good (and cold) adventure.

      To get a green card you need to qualify by one of several ways (marriage, family, work, refugee status, etc). I’m guessing your best option would be to qualify by work. I’ll refer you to a related comment about that:

      If you are wealthy you can also get a green card through an investment of $1 million ($500,000 if you invest in an underdeveloped area).

      If you want to try and get a green card through employment then I offer you this page to browse:

      You will need to find an employer who will fill out an I-140 form for you (this form is on the link above).

      Once you’ve waited for this to be processed and it is approved, you can go through the steps of applying for a green card (

      This is a very simplified version of the process to take. Hopefully it will help to get you started.

      Good luck and best of luck

  5. Dave Price

    Hi, My names Dave. I live in England. My question is, If a person has a chronic disability, not a completely debilitating disability, but bad enough so that you cannot work full time, and wants to move to Alaska, and can also show that they have a steady income through investments, and savings, would that person qualify?


  6. Beakal Kefelegn

    Hello, My name is Beakal I am from Ethiopia I am 17 years old and I am in grade 10 I just want to say just I love Alaska and I hope I will work hard and join you.
    I am happy if you notify me how to get a green card in Alaska.

  7. Tijs Van Woensel

    I am looking for a place to live off the grid and Alaska looks perfect. I live in Belgium (Europe) at this moment. Is there a more easy way to get a greencard for when you want to live off the grid? Cause, the only way I see to get a greencard is with the lottery and it looks pretty impossible.

  8. Zakaria Mustafa almogharbel

    Dear sir
    Good day I have questions to ask about imgeration to united states of America alaska and I live in Kuwait and I’m 51 years old and I’m from Lebanon and it’s the time they will stop me from work and I have 1 daughter 9 years old my wife she is from Syria and she is 35 years and I think u know about Kuwait and there rules so it’s my dream to live in USA so how u can advice me how to have the imgeration to be American.


    Zakaria Mustafa almogharbel

  9. Johnson Varughese

    Hallo,my name is Johnson Varughese, I am a Indian, but used to living in Ecuador last 8months.Recently many people are talks about living inAlaska.Me and my wife is a general nurse. I sincerely would like to future with my family their. (My wife and 2 son,)me and my wife age is -40years,son’s age is-12&10years.I would like to have some more information on what I need about documents transfer there.please reply.thanks

  10. Anonymous

    İhi..racheal from nigeria,i will like to make my family and stay in alasca with my kid duaghter, will i goabojt it..

  11. Ibrahim Amin

    My Name is Ibrahim Amin and I’d love to move to Alaska, I am European ((Belgian)) and is there any chance to get a green card ? Do I have to start my own business or find a job or what to do ??

  12. El hamza

    My name Elhamza I’m from Algeria I want live in al aska can you help me live there and build a new life I like cold weather and I like traveling around the world.

  13. Carolina melo

    Hi I have a question I moved to the USit’s states when I was 14 yrs im currently 27 yrs old. I finished middle school, high school and college in the US. I’m a currently an RN in the state of New Jersey. Obtaining my bachelors degree BSN this coming up December 2019. I was wondering is it possible for me to ever obtain my permanent residency ( currently I have deferred action from childhood arrivals) if I move to Alaska to work as an RN. I heard several things some people say is possible since is a state of such a high need others say that is no longer the case I just wish I could have some true answers.

  14. yousef

    Hello I wish you are spending your great time
    My name is yousef and i am jordanian from middle east am 30 Years old and I graduated from Philadelphia University Arts college i seriously would like to stability my future life in alaska I would like to have some more information on what i need

  15. badshahkhan

    I am Badshahkhan from Afghanistan,
    Iam a student in kabul Afghanistan
    Im also looking for a new chances in my life
    And i want to get visa of Alaska,
    Can you please give me information about visa … thank you

  16. Jimmy Van Driel


    My name is Jimmy van Driel and i am from the Netherlands.
    I am considering moving to Alaska. I am a RN ( registered Nurse. My question is; whats the first best step?
    Applying for a job?

    Thank U in advance


  17. Amanda

    Hey I am a Canadian citizen that is looking into getting a green card. I was wondering how easy it was to be able to move there once a green card was obtained? Or if I could move there when the green card is in the process of being filed. My mother lives in Florida so she would be helping me. I had recently been in Anchorage Alaska for awhile and I loved it. It honestly felt like home. I have been to many places but Anchorage was the only place that seemed to call to me. Any help would be awesome. Thanks in advance.

  18. Kathinka boulengier

    Hi I have filed all the paperwork before the pandemic while I was in Alaska .my sponsor lives in UT the problem is that my paperwork disappeared,we think that it’s still in Alaska is there a way I can find out if it’s still in Anchorage? Thank you.

  19. Kathinka Boulengier

    Hi they call me Tinker and I have a question for you.i filled out all my paperwork but some how it got lost is there a way to find it back? My son is my sponsor and lives in UT and I am in Calli for a while so I can’t go to your office for now thanks

  20. Ahmed

    Hey sir I came to the USA via B1 B2 visa and i over stayed like 6 months ago . I have bachelor degree in nursing and i transferred my certificate and about to get license to practice nursing in Texas and i have appreciate certificate from American army that I worked with them in different countries around the world including Afghanistan my question is if I come to Alaska and get sponcership can I get green card

  21. Levon Hayrapetyan

    Hi I am Russian resident,currently I’m in United States I would like to know is there any program for working in Alaska about 6 months and then get green card. I am refuge from Russia.

  22. Levon Hayrapetyan

    Hi I am Russian resident,currently I’m in United States I would like to know is there any program for working in Alaska about 6 months and then get green card.


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