How to Get a Swedish Residence Card (Uppehållskort) for Family Members

If your family member is not a Swedish or EU/EEA citizen, he/she/they will need to obtain a Swedish Residence Card (uppehållskort) to join you (a Swedish resident or citizen) as a family member if they intend to stay in Sweden longer than three months. If they are staying less than three months then normal travel requirements like visas are the only thing to worry about when coming to Sweden. If your family is coming to join you for longer than three months and you are not a Swedish/EU/EEA citizen, you will also need to obtain a residence card if you do not already have one.

Residence permits/uppehållskort can be obtained for the following types of family members:

  • Partners, spouses, and common-law spouses
  • Your partner’s or your unmarried children under the age of 18 (in some cases 21); those over 18 who are financially dependent on you may also be eligible
  • Your partner’s or your parents, if they are financially dependent on you (excluding the parents of students)

What You Need When Applying for a Residence Card (Uppehållskort)

Please note that the income requirements listed below are part of what is known as the Maintenance Requirement. Some groups of people are exempt from this, and this law has recently changed, so I recommend following this link for the most up-to-date information.

If you have the right to reside in Sweden and you are not a Swedish citizen, your family may also reside with you while their application is processed. As the person sponsoring your family member(s) who want to come and live with you longer than three months, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Have the right to reside in Sweden, met by:
    • Being an EU/EEA citizen
    • Having a valid Swedish residence permit
  • Have the financial means to support your family member, met by:
    • Having proof of employment (employment contract) or savings (bank statements) sufficient to support the amount of family members coming to Sweden – savings from the family member who is coming to Sweden may also be taken into consideration
    • If you are a Swedish citizen or permanent resident this requirement can be fulfilled by submitting a civic registration (Familjebevis för uppehållstillstånd) from Skatteverket
    • Having the financial means to support someone is calculated according to the following:
      • 7,300 SEK per month for one person
      • 10,800 SEK for two people who are married or common-law partners
      • 2,100 SEK per month for each additional child
  • Have an adequate living space for the amount of family members coming to live with you, met by showing a rental or lease agreement, or property deed for a dwelling that includes:
    • For two people: living room, kitchenette or kitchen, and a bedroom
    • For additional children: one extra bedroom for every two additional children
  • Proof of emergency medical coverage in Sweden of at least 246,500 SEK for at least one year

Family members who are coming to live with you must show the following:

  • Proof that they are related to you, met by:
    • Marriage certificate or birth certificate
    • For common-law spouses or partners: proof that you have previously cohabited, such as a joint rental contract or bills that are shared between you
  • Proof that they have a means to be supported, met by:
    • Your statement and proof that you have the financial means to support them
    • Family member’s bank statements showing savings, if any
  • Documents that show the family member was living with you before you moved to Sweden
  • Proof of emergency medical coverage in Sweden of at least 246,500 SEK for at least one year

Once you are ready you can make your application to live with a family member in Sweden online.


23 thoughts on “How to Get a Swedish Residence Card (Uppehållskort) for Family Members

  1. Sergey


    I am confused. Please help. I have read from this article: “person sponsoring ….Having the financial means to support someone is calculated according to the following:
    7,300 SEK per month for one person
    10,800 SEK for two people who are married or common-law partners”

    My spouse is EU citizen, I am non EU citizen. According this link for spouse “the maintenance requirement does not apply” because she is citizen EEA country.

    So which of these sums are for us: 7,300 SEK or 10,800 SEK ??? Yes we are married BUT my spouse is EU citizen and she is not obliged to prove maintenance requirement for yourself.

    For what term do I need to provide proof of support yourself in Sweden (6 months, 1 year, 2year)?

    If I submit statements of my savings from Russian bank will it acceptable by Migrationsverket?

  2. Adam

    Object: asylum seeking
    Dear sir,
    Am Eritrean refugee,I’ve not got asylum in Europe yet,I’ve stuck in (Kalie- France).I have left my family in a bad condition in Sudan,they may deport them to the hell of Eritrea, to where a prison waiting them,or they forced to pay a ransom of tens thousands Sudanese pounds,to release them,or sometimes they exposed to rape by security for male and female alike,where there is no law. So Am confused and am afraid to violence my minor daughter,as they previously done with her mother,that has suffered from infection in her womb, due to lack of medical care,so please help me in getting asylum to prevent my family,than in advance for your great human roll. Yours truly.

  3. Paboy

    Can i have economic assistance with my residence card as an non EU citizen married to and EU citizen in sweden! Because a job place wants to hired me but they need some financial support too from arbetförmilingen but they said I can’t get it because the code am having from immigration!

  4. Ashhh

    I have a little confuse now about my situation. And it is my pleasure if you help me. I am a bi Filipina woman who have a filipina girlfriend in Sweden. She lived in Sweden for almost 8 years now and got a Swedish Citizen. And ofc she is single and have a permanent work. My question is can i apply a visiting girlfriend to her ? I am afraid maybe the migration who handle the visa in Philippines deny me since lesbian partner in Philippines are still not acceptable. Or can i apply as a visiting friend? I dont know what to do. Im just want to visit her so we can get married in Sweden. I hope you can help me. Thank you Ashhh

  5. Shan

    I have read the information provided above and I really appreciate your efforts. I am in a situation where I would like to keep my mother (non-eu resident) living with me on a permanent basis. She is the only parent left for me and she is fully dependant on me financially as she has been a housewife her whole life. I have been living in Sweden for the last 8 years and got citizenship after being on work permit for more than 6 years. My question is if my mother can apply for Residence Card (Uppehållskort) as you mentioned above? If yes then the second question, can she apply from Sweden after coming here on a visit visa?

    Regarding the medical coverage you mentioned, what I understand that it is the same kind of health insurance someone needs for a shengen visit visa but for a whole year instead of 90 days, right?

    You response will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Shan,

      From Migrationsverket’s website it seems your mother can have a residence permit to come to you in Sweden.

      Please follow the link above for more information. I also quickly looked through the Aliens Act but I couldn’t find anything that applies to your situation. Perhaps I missed it though, so take a look.

      Regarding medical coverage, all I can tell you is I had private travel health insurance valid for about a year and I got a five-year residence permit. I don’t know if I got lucky or if I had the right kind of insurance.

      It looks like your best option is to review the MIgrationsverket link above.

      Best of luck for you!

  6. Shan

    Hi again,

    Thank you for your time. I am tryign to get information from Alieans Act document that you mentioned.

    I was just reading information from this link (“) on the Migrationsverket website. I am wondering if this is something relative to Swedish citizens as well (not just EU citizens). Can you also have a look and share the understanding you get?

    Actually I know a friend whose parents tried getting the residence permit based on the link you mentioned in earlier comment, and there application was rejected by Migrationsverket. And the bad part of it was that there application for visit visa was also rejected later based on the suspicion from migrationsverket that they will not leave Sweden after there visa duration will be over.


    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Shan,

      I read that link and I can’t tell if it also applies to Swedish citizens, and that could be a distinction with different procedures as you point out. I’ve looked around Migrationsverket’s website and I can’t find anything for your situation that distinguishes Swedish citizens from EU citizens. My guess is, if there is such a distinction, perhaps it is written somewhere in Swedish and unfortunately I don’t know this language.

      Hopefully someone else reading can provide you with more relevant information.

  7. Jajaha

    I’m non E U and my spouse is EU living in Sweden with Swedish permanent residence, we got married in Sweden and I have already sent in my application through post… I was little bit confused about the maintenance requirements ,my question is that since she has permanent resident in Sweden… Is she exempted from maintenance requirements since she has lived in Sweden and has permanent since 4 years before we got married?
    Her monthly wage specifications that I applied with are very long but she just gotten 2nd job and I submitted the 2 contracts but only specifications from the old work because she just started the new job now

  8. Michael

    I’m a Swedish citizen and have been together with a Brazilian woman a longer time. We are planing this summer to get married in Sweden. My question is: Is it better to get married before she move to me in Sweden? Or can she travel to Sweden and we marry, and after after apply for residence card?


  9. Siddikul islam

    I am SIDDIKUL ISLAM. I am from Bangladesh but I live in Germany.i was married in Romanian girl’s in Cyprus. Now I live in Germany. I have Germany 5years recidence card.i live with my Romanian wife. Now I want to move in Sweden and I want to apply for my swedish recidence card.

    1. Siddikul islam

      I married last 5may 2016. I have Merriage certificate and all Cyprus and Germany papers..since 1.5yers I live in Germany Berlin. I have 5years recidence card, which is 1yeras left.

  10. Saran

    I am Saran from India. My husband is currently working in Sweden with “uppehålls-och arbetstillstånd” visa permit valid till August 2020. His work is likely to get extended till April 2021. He is planning to take me and our son (6 months old) to sweden. He has applied for personal number before a month but we are not sure whether we will receive it or not. Is personal number mandatory for appplying dependent visa?

  11. Vandana

    I am planning to get in my both parent to live with me in Sweden. I am holding permanent residency. My sibling lives in Norway on Student visa and we are only 2 kids of our parents.
    Before coming to Sweden we were living on same address which we can proof through documents. As i can financially bear cost of living for my parents.
    Please suggest how i can a long term resident permit for my parents.


  12. Laura Setzer

    I have a personnumer from when I lived in here 1987 for several years. I was told I could apply to have it reactivated. Can someone assist me with doing that? Thank you!

  13. Anonymous



    You are describing a residence permit. Stop giving wrong information.

    Just don’t. You’re ruining people’s lives.

  14. Maham

    Dear sir,
    I am confused about one thing i am an EU National and i want my non-eu husband to come and stay with me more than a year. I have a stable job do i still need emergency medical coverage is it necessary?

  15. M

    Dear sir ,
    My husband is non-eu and studying in norway and i am an eu citizen living and working in Sweden i want my husband to join me here can you guide me about the process. And i also want to know is emergency medical coverage is necessary if we have a stable job.


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