How to Get Refugee Asylum in Sweden

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Today and throughout history Sweden has been a leader in Europe and the world when it comes to granting people asylum or protection. This has been recently demonstrated in Migrationsverket’s (the Swedish Immigration Agency) announcement in September of 2013 that any Syrian refugee who applied for asylum in Sweden would receive a permanent residence permit.

You can be eligible for asylum in Sweden if you have a good reason to fear persecution in your home country based on any of the following:

  • Religious or political beliefs
  • Race, ethnicity, or nationality
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation

Asylum under any of these circumstances means you will become classified as a refugee, and as such you can obtain a Swedish residence permit based on this classification. You can also receive a residence permit in Sweden if you qualify under any of the following categories of protection:

  • There is an armed conflict happening in your home country
  • There is an environmental disaster in your home country
  • You may be sentenced to death, corporal punishment, or subjected to torture in your home country

Process of Applying for Asylum as a Refugee in Sweden

The first thing you need to do is fill out a registration form to gain the status of a refugee or protected person. When you submit this registration you will also need to have some type of official government-issued identification, such as a birth certificate, passport, ID card, or marriage certificate. You will be interviewed by someone from Migrationsverket to determine the initial direction of your case and be provided with resources about getting around in Sweden, housing, and health care.

Once you apply for asylum you can also have a free medical exam and medical treatment for any emergency conditions you may have. While you wait for your application to be processed you also have the right to work in Sweden if you have provided proof of your identity. Throughout this process you will have access to an interpreter as needed for your meetings with Migrationsverket. Any children under 18 will have access to full medical services.

As part of your registration process you will be photographed and fingerprinted for an LMA Card, a card that shows you have a pending asylum case with Migrationsverkett. This card acts as a temporary residence permit while your case is processed. Your LMA card will also allow you to pay a maximum of 50 SEK for doctor visits or medications from a pharmacy, and allow you to work while your case is processed if you have proven your identity.

After your initial registration appointment you will have several other appointments with Migrationsverket throughout the application process to explain the details about why you are seeking asylum, your family situation, and any other important information. The meetings you will need to attend are:

  • Inquiry Meeting – basic information about your application for asylum such as your name, personal information, and family; this serves the main purpose of introducing you to Sweden and the resources available to you
  • Asylum Inquiry – this is the meeting where you will have the opportunity to explain exactly why you are seeking asylum in Sweden. Make sure to tie events in your home country to your personal experience and threats you and your family face personally if you return to your country.
  • Group Information Appointment – this is a meeting you will attend with other applicants seeking refugee or protected status in Sweden and will explain the details about resources involving housing, healthcare, banking, welfare, Swedish law, and public service organizations
  • Decision – at this meeting you will be informed of the decision in your case and what your options are at this point. If you are granted status as a refugee or protected person you will have the right to live and work in Sweden. This means you will be entitled to a residence permit – often in the form of a permanent residence permit – and the right to work in Sweden.

Where and How to Apply for Asylum or Protected Status

If you have not yet entered Sweden you can apply in-person for asylum at an official border crossing into Sweden. If you are already in Sweden you can apply in-person at a Migrationsverket office located in any of the following cities:

  • Gävle – Kaserngatan 50 B
  • Göteborg – Streteredsvägen 88 Hus 3, Kållered
  • Malmö – Agnesfridsvägen 111
  • Norrköping – Slottsgatan 82
  • Stockholm (Märsta) – Maskingatan 9
  • Stockholm (Solna) – Pyramidvägen 2 A

You need to be in Sweden to apply; you can’t apply from abroad. The exception to this is if you register with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the country where you are currently, and the UNHCR submits an application for resettlement on your behalf to Sweden (for instance, you would submit an application with the UNHCR if you were living in a refugee camp in Lebanon).

Also keep in mind that even if you apply in Sweden you may be transferred to another EU country (including Norway or Switzerland) under the Dublin Regulation. This could be the case for any of the following reasons, however there are also other considerations:

  • If you have another family member living in this country
  • If you have previously had a visa or resident permit for this country
  • If you traveled through this country to reach Sweden

This said, if any of these circumstances are true it does not necessarily mean you will be transferred to another EU country.

Finally, here is a link with free resources for people who are seeking asylum/refugee status/protective status:

Here is another helpful link with organizations that can help asylum and protective status seekers:

Note for readers: I compiled this information by reading various government websites. I don’t have direct experience with asylum/refugee cases so I can’t be of much more help. Feel free to leave a question or comment though and perhaps someone with helpful information will respond.

If you still have immigration questions after reviewing this page then please see the Ask a Question page.


210 thoughts on “How to Get Refugee Asylum in Sweden

  1. Dawit Gebreyesus

    hwo can get sweden like immagration?I am from Eritrea .i was 8 year in israel. i am refuge in israel i have pepare for the hight international refuges but estil now i live by temporary visa.also i have two childeren they born in israel but they do not have good i have so many problyom please help me i need to live like human bing .i am not looking many i am looking live.i love my country but now it is not estebil for me.if i will go i now what it hapen me.thanks

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Dawit Gebreyesus,

      Unfortunately I don’t know anything about Israel or its laws about getting a residence status for yourself or your children. You may find the easiest way to get a “normal” (humane) immigration status in any country for you and your family may be in Israel, so I would recommend checking with a refugee agency there to see what your options are. Here is one organization, ARDC (African Refugee Development Center):

      Right now Sweden is prioritizing refugee and asylum applications for people from Syria, however it is also making an effort to admit Eritreans ( For example, it reports that the third-largest group of nationals who received asylum in 2013 were Eritreans.

      I haven’t come across any special procedures for Eritreans applying for asylum, so I believe you should follow the application process detailed here. You may also find helpful resources with these Swedish refugee organizations:

      Thank you for your question and the very best of luck to you!

      1. Foum

        I have come from Tanzania and I wold like to become refugees in Sweden there different things that inflict me to become refugees in that country

      2. Administrator Post author

        Hello gema andaya abello,

        I’m sorry but I can’t provide you with any additional relevant information. Perhaps someone reading will be able to. I’ve deleted your case number and husband’s name from your comment to protect your confidentiality. This isn’t a government website and everything you write is visible to all the public.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Lima and thanks for the question,
      To apply for asylum you must be in Sweden or at a Swedish border crossing.

      There is an exception to this however, and that is if the UNHCR makes an application on your behalf to Sweden. In this case you could register for resettlement with the UNHCR in Afghanistan and they would make an application for you to Sweden if the UNHCR determines you qualify. I just added some information above on this webpage about the UNHCR.

      All the best of luck to you!

  2. Fewsi Hiwet

    If some one has a residence permit of study in one of the Schengen states (e.g say in Norway or Hungary) then can he apply for asylum in Sweden after the expiration of residence permit due to problems in his country. This person under any circumstance does not want and cant go back to his home country due to being afraid from his government.

    Thank you

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Fewsi Hiwet,

      From the latest news and actions by countries in the EU and Schengen area, there is no certain answer to your question that I can tell. This relates to the current standing of the Dublin Regulation, the EU/Schengen agreement on processing asylum applicants with some provisions currently being ignored by some EU/Schengen states.

      To start with, basically if you are Syrian (but not necessarily other nationalities) then you have a good chance of having your application for asylum processed in Germany, Sweden, or the Czech Republic. These are the countries that are ignoring (in some cases) the provision in the Dublin Regulation that says asylum applicants must apply in the first EU/Schengen country they arrive to, and that other EU/Schengen countries cannot process their asylum application if the applicants arrived first to another EU/Schengen country (and the applicant would therefore be returned to the original EU/Schengen country to which he/she first arrived). It should also be noted that many EU/Schengen countries have declared they will not transfer any applicants back to Greece if this is the first EU/Schengen country they arrived to.

      If the country you are applying for asylum in decides to follow the Dublin Regulation, then you will be returned to the first EU/Schengen country you arrived to and have your application processed there. Under the Dublin Regulation, if your application for asylum is approved then you will by default be settled in the country that processes your application, unless there is a reason to transfer you somewhere else. In theory you should be transferred to another EU/Schengen country because of circumstances like:

      – you have previously held a residence permit in the third country (in your case this could be applicable)
      – you have family members in a third country

      If you are interested you can find the latest version of the Dublin Regulation here:

      Sorry for the uncertain answer, and best of luck to you!

  3. Anonymous

    I have a friend, a Palestinian and obtained asylum from UN and now in Malaysia. How can I help him to be back with his family in Sweden. I really sympathise with him. Tqvm

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello and thanks for your question,

      From a legal perspective, I believe your friend would not have any special consideration because he obtained asylum in Malaysia and is Palestinian. I think he would need to follow the normal procedure for reunification with a family member in Sweden.

      This process depends on his relation to the family member in Sweden. Is he: a spouse, a common-law partner, a minor, a son over 18 years of age whose parents live in Sweden? The way he can proceed depends on which of these, if any, categories he falls into. You can find more information on the left side-bar of this official website:

  4. Bubacarr

    Hello am asking sir am a asylum seeker in Italy i have live in Italy in one year and i want to come to Sweden and asked for a asylum a permanent residence there. So can it be possible if am i able to reach in Sweden

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Bubacarr and thanks for your question. I can’t find any information about applying to different countries in the EU/Schengen area if your application is rejected in another. I would suspect that the law is the same though as part of an EU/Schengen-wide agreement, and that if your application is rejected in one you cannot apply in another. In Sweden you cannot re-apply for four years, so this may be the same for Italy.

      However, if you currently have an application being processed in Italy then you cannot apply in Sweden. If you did you would be sent back to Italy (unless you have a reason to be in Sweden, such as if you have family there- but in this case Italy would transfer you to Sweden).

  5. Ali

    I am a Yemeni retired diplomat in Europe who has just been relieved from duty and due to my status, political crisis and ongoing war in Yemen cannot return back home. My only option now is to travel to Sweden and apply for asylum. Do I apply at the airport in Stockholm or after I enter? My sons family were visiting me in Europe and had applied for a temporary residency permit, but due to my early work termination they were declined and their Schengen visas have expired. Is it possible that they travel to Sweden with me and claim asylum at Stockholm Airport?

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Ali,

      The situation in Sweden is changing often, so you can find the most recent information here:

      According to Migrationsverket, you must apply for asylum once you are in Sweden, and you can do this by asking the police where is the nearest registration/accommodation center. I don’t think the authorities are making these locations public because people have been vandalizing them.
      All the best of luck for you

  6. Norah

    I’m a girl living in Saudi Arabia, I have Kenyan passport. Recently I’ve been 8 days at home I can’t go out to visit anyone. My father won’t allow me to go out without wearing a vail on my face. Today he warned me that he is going to hit me badly just because I don’t want to cover my face. He treats me badly and humilates me. The government of Saudi Arabia has no women rights and if I tried to call the police they can’t help me in this situation and if my father knew about it he will kill me. I need help please. If I tried to escape and come to Sweden and asked for asylum, would they help me?

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Norah,
      It is up to Migrationsverket and the court system to determine if you are eligible for asylum.

      Sweden does consider asylum for those who face persecution based on their race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, and religious beliefs, so it sounds like your case could be considered. However, in response to women’s lack of rights in Saudi Arabia, I suspect Migrationsverket would say you could move to Kenya. As for an abusive father, I suspect Migrationsverket would consider this a family problem that does not merit asylum. However these are just my thoughts.

      I would recommend writing to someone in Migrationsverket to get official information and help with your situation.

      You can find official information on this website:

      Perhaps you can find tips about surviving at home on this website (it also shows you how to delete your internet history):

      Here is another website:

      Finally, perhaps someone from the Kenyan embassy in Riyadh can help you with your situation:

      Best of luck

  7. yakob

    Dear Sir,
    I am an asylum seeker from Ethiopia living in sweden and waiting my asylum decision now almost six monthes. but during this period i got a swedish national to marry and we decided to live together.
    But i am a bit confused what i shuold do about my asylum application?
    i want to withdraw the asylum application and apply a residence permit by marriage ????

    if so please advice me what i can do about….

    Thank you.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Greetings Yakob, to be honest I’m not sure what you do, but it seems like Migrationsverket could give you an exact answer of what to do next.

      Feel free to post back on what you find because there are others reading who are in a similar situation.

      Good luck and congratulations on your marriage

  8. babs

    I’m very happy to come cross with this website for a special assist..

    I was previous in Sweden to seek asylum, and they told me they found my finger in Italy.. so I was needed to go back to Italy.
    so from there I move to stay with my girlfriend whom we r deeply in love.. finally they got me and send me back to Italy? but Italy ask me to go to where I want to go. so i chose to come back to Sweden b/c of my girlfriend.. so when I got to Germany police control me and I decided to seek asylum… and now Germany told me they found my finger in Sweden, So is Sweden who have the right for my asylum application.. and now I’m confused i dnt know what to do… b/c I really want to be in Sweden with my girlfriend…

    – I want to know if I send back to Sweden will they accept to open my file.
    – can you tell me what is going to happen…

  9. nina

    Hello, My family member lives in sweden. He has asked for asylum. So may I visit him for several days? does it make any problem for him? or for me? He has job there, and I work in my country also. Your answer is very important for me.. thanks in advance.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Nina, I would think you can go to Sweden just as anyone else from your home country can. If you want to visit your family member while you are there then I don’t think there is any problem for him or you. Perhaps there are some restrictions for him if he is staying at a residence for asylees- like maybe he must spend the night there. But other than I don’t think there would be any problems. Have a good visit

      1. nina

        Thank you for responding me. I meant an entry procedures in Sweden. If I say I want to visit to my brother who is refugee, maybe someone should think that I’m going to stay there for a long time. And I’m afraid of is my purpose enough to let me in the country? also he doesn’t stay at a residence for asylees.

      2. Administrator Post author

        Ah, I see what you are saying. Of course I can’t speak for the border control – they can always make their own decision – but I think as long as you meet the conditions for entry in to Sweden (depending on what country you are from- you may need a visa, return ticket, proof that you have a place to stay and money while you are in Sweden, and proof that you plan to return to your home country) then you should be allowed to enter. However I’m not sure of a way you can be certain about this, because they can always allow you or deny you entry on the border. Perhaps if you want to get additional reassurances you could talk with someone from Migrationsverket and they could offer you some assurances.

        Hope it goes well and that you have a good visit.

      3. nina

        I find out this page accidentally.. You have tried to help me as you could and I really appreciate it. I’ll contact them and hope to visit Sweden soon.

  10. Babs

    Hej Mr Adminstrator

    what about if you r seeking for asylum in other EU countries. and you want your case to be transfer to Sweden because of your girlfriend.. I want to know is that possible… or until you got married to her?

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Babs,

      I don’t think they would consider transferring you to Sweden from another EU country for a girlfriend, however if you were married then I think they might.

      1. Ferta

        Hope you guys still reply ,How about siblings?
        If you entered through italy but want to seek in sweden with siblings. Do you think its possible?

  11. Ali ahmad

    Hello. I’m from Pakistan and I have been working in a UNHCR project which is internally displaced persons. Working in a field generated too many problems. After a year I got attacked by unknown armed group. But I survived then I disappeared with my family. After a sometime they kept sending threatening letters. I decided to leave the country and now I’m in sweden. What should I do now. Is there any possibility.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Ali Ahmad,

      It sounds like your situation could qualify you for asylum or protection status. This page you have been reading summarizes Migrationsverket’s page about asylum and protection:

      I think they would want to know about the threatening letters- are they threatening you based on any of the subjects mentioned on the website (religious or political beliefs, ethnicity, nationality, etc)?

      It sounds like there is at least a possibility, so if you wanted to apply for asylum or protection status then you might as well try.

      Best of luck for you and your family

  12. Shamim

    Dear Admin,
    I am from Afghanistan, I have a schengen visa of Netherlands, and I would like to travel to Netherlands, and after I reach Netherlands, I would like to enter Sweden and apply.for asylum there. Please tell me that can I do like this? Because sweden is the country which can process the asylum applications very well and soon. Please tell me will Sweden accept my asylum application?
    Best Regards.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Shamim,
      If your visa allows you to travel in all of the Schengen zone then you should be able to go to Sweden with that from the Netherlands. Any bus/train/ferry company that takes people to Sweden requires identification and visa documents before you can board.

      According to Migrationsverkt they are processing many asylum seekers from Afghanistan (

      Whether your application is accepted depends on your own personal situation.

      Best of luck

  13. Shamim Ahmad

    Dear Administrator,
    Thanks for the reply.
    My Visa is (ETATS SCHENGEN) it means that I can travel to any state of Schengen?
    Can I travel by air too?

    1. Administrator Post author

      As just an amateur person, it sounds like you should be able to travel throughout the Schengen zone by any means. Good luck

    1. Administrator Post author

      Basically you must apply for for asylum/refugee status/protective status in Sweden or at the Swedish border. Fortunately there is no college degree requirement

  14. Babs

    Hello Mr Adminstrator how are you is me Bab’s again? I send Migrationsverket an email. that is the message I send to them below?..

    I was previously in Sweden for asylum… After I have been fingerprinted at Migrationsverket. they control through (Eurodac) they told me they found my finger in Italy, (Dublin). So Italy is the responsible for my asylum application… But before Migrationsverket took my finger’s they ask me if I have been fingerprinted in Italy. I told them I have been fingerprinted but it wasn’t for asylum.. Bcaus Italy immigration told us is for police checkup to see if we ever committed any crime. So it was latter migrationversket send me letter.. that Italy didn’t reply them so they made their decision to deport me back to Italy….. when I got to Italy, it take just 1hour when they took my finger and they told me to live their office they are not the responsible for my case…. then I was confused I don’t know what to do and I don’t know anyone in Italy. I was sleeping outside it was my Swedish girlfriend send me money to eat food… then latter I decided to come back to Sweden to have a good living.. when I get to Germany police control me and took me to asylum house…When Germany took my finger’s they told me they found my finger in Sweden, So Sweden is the responsible for my asylum. So they are going to ask Sweden before they can send me back to Sweden…

    – So please we want to know what is going to happen to me if Germany deport me to Sweden.

    – Will Migrationsverket going to accept me to open my asylum case.

    – Is there any possibility that I can bee with my girlfriend.

    And this is what they reply to me?

    Since you did not write any more information I cannot answer your question. Please return with more information. 

  15. Herve Ihorimbere

    Hi I’m a 15 year old boy who lives in Burundi and I was wondering if it’s possible to go back in Sweden, I went to Sweden with my mother in 2005, I was 5 years old at that time. I lived in a quiet city called Luksely, I stayed there for about 5 years but I really won’t lie to you to me those five years were wonderful. But in 2010 the Migrationsverket refused us to live in their beautiful country so we went back to Burundi, as soon as we landed my mom told me that there’s a great chance of me going back and since then I’ve kept on believing. I even have support from my old class mates, my mom’s friends (who were neighbors I really miss them😆), a kind old lady who works in an organization called kvinoshoren it’s an organization that helps women) and she is the one who’s paying my school fees, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be able to write this awesome language.
    So with great respect Mr/madam Administrator is it possible for me to go back and don’t worry about shelter I will live with the kind old lady, she promised. I know I’m wasting ur time so I want to say thank you very much, hope the answer is positive and may God bless you all.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Herve Ihorimbere,

      I’m not sure about your question, but I think if it were possible then you would need to speak with an immigration lawyer. Here is one link I found which says if you are under 18 and have lived in Sweden with a settlement permit for three years you can apply for Swedish citizenship:

      Good luck

  16. Herve Ihorimbere

    Sorry for this, it’s a spelling mistake it’s called kvinnojouren not kvinoshoren. And on more thing how if I said that where I come from (Burundi) is going through a horrible political problem and I’m not lying it’s true, it’s getting worse and worse and let me tell you on a little secret.I heard that a 16 year old boy died one week ago and guess what he was in the group of people who were against the third term of the President and specifically young teenage boys are the ones suffering the most. And I’m really scared because one day any police officer might think that I’m one of them and then just shoot me on the spot for no dame reason that’s if I’m alone in the streets I always walk with an adult so to summarize all of this 🙂 I Really need protection and I really think that Sweden is the right place for me 🙂

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello again,

      It sounds like your best bet for getting to Sweden is to talk with a lawyer to see if you can become a citizen because you once lived there for five years. If that doesn’t work then you can always try applying for asylum if you think you fall under any of the conditions detailed on this page.

      Good luck

      1. Herve Ihorimbere

        I’m speechless, now my dream of going back to Sweden might come true this time. So I should write to a lawyer but the problem is that I don’t know any lawyer from Sweden nor Burundi so what should I do? And even more bad news they want me to fill in some papers that are only in Swedish, and I really won’t lie to you I’ve kinda forgotten some words sorry including my mother so I was wondering if it’s possible to send those papers to the old kind lady in Sweden to do it for me because first of all she speaks Swedish way better than me and she knows me and my mother very very well.

      2. Herve Ihorimbere

        Thanks for the reply and the link was quite helpful, but I don’t know any lawyer from Sweden nor Burundi and even more bad news they want me to fill in some papers that are in Swedish I really won’t lie to you but I kinda forgotten some words including my mother so I was wondering if it’s possible to send the papers to the old kind lady to do it for me because first of all she speaks Swedish way better than me and she knows me and my mum very very well

  17. norma khan


    my name is Khan from Pakistan, present i stay in Malaysia, we have 2 daughters who was born in Pakistan and having Pakistani nationality, at present me and my wife having a though life in Malaysia as our marriage have no bless from her family, because of that we cannot bring our daughters to stay with us as her family always came and disturb us, its already 4 years we saparated with our daughters, last year my daughter school has been attacked by terrorist in Pakistan and this make we feel its not good to let her stay in Pakistan. We want to seek asylum in sweden, is it possible?

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Norma Kahn,

      It is always up to the Swedish authorities to decide if your application for asylum is accepted, and you can always apply. I think the main thing they will be looking for is evidence that you are in danger due to circumstances that qualify you for asylum. If you have good proof of this then you might as well try applying for asylum. If you want an even better response, I would recommend talking to a lawyer in Sweden who specializes in asylum.

      Best of luck

  18. Zahra

    I was subjected to 2 false criminal cases when I was 18 years old in my country.I was very devastated by the situation and suffered for 2 years , faced interrogation, case hearings 2/3 times a month, and also been in jail for few days. I was in severe depression due to the sudden shock I got and I dropped out of studies even though I was a bright student. The situation was hard for me as a young girl to accept the traumatic episode ! So my parents decided to send me abroad. I left my country and staretd a new life in UK .completed my education there and lived a normal life .unfortunately I had to go back to my country due to visa regulations.when I went back to my country 4 years later, I realised that the cases are still running in the court and I have search warrents against me! I was so scared that I stayed at home for several months , could not apply for any jobs due to the fear of being subjected to arrest and the traumatic events I faced earlier. So I stated applying for further education. I came to Sweden 2 years back, and completed my education here too.but now I know going back to my country and living a normal life there is possible for me!!! I will be arrested and will be subjected to punishment If they know I am there.due to the criminal record , I will also not be able to secure any job even though I am qualified.In addition to that the society will mentally kill me again!! It was hard for me to stand on my feet again. I am in serious need of help!! I do not want to lose myself.
    Please tell me is there any way that will allow me to stay in Sweden?

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Zahra,

      Your situation sounds very difficult. The ways I can think you can remain in Sweden are: marriage, study, job, or asylum. Have a read through these sections. If you think you can qualify for any of these routes then you can take the next steps, or write back with more questions.

      Best of luck

      1. Zahra

        Job seems difficult to get now, but I am still trying. In case I can not get a job by the end of the year I have to leave unfortunately. In this case it is possible to seek asylum? if I am eligible for asylum where can I go for advice?
        Thanks so much for your kind reply

  19. Hussain

    Hi, I am from Pakistan and belong to a minority community and injured in suicide attack after which I became the eye witness against the terrorist group but everyday They threats me to leave the country otherwise get ready to die and now a days I am on schengen visa in italy but I didn’t claim for asylum here in italy, is it possible for me to claim asylum in Swedon????

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Hussain,

      Sweden accepts asylum applications once you are at its border or in the country. If you have a schengen visa then I think you could travel to Sweden. If you’re asking whether or not your application will be successful I can’t say- only Sweden can say that.

      Best of luck

      1. Hussain

        Dear Sir thanks for your kind response but kindly let me know according to dublin regulation will they send me back to italy or dublin regulation is not applicable for me and my family as We have not claimed asylum in italy.

      2. Administrator Post author

        Hello again- I can’t give you a good answer about that. It says you must apply for asylum in the first EU country you arrive to (and that you will be sent back to that country to have your application processed if you apply in another EU country), but Sweden hasn’t always been enforcing this regulation recently. So as best as I can tell the situation is ambiguous. Maybe if you wrote directly to Migrationsverket they could give you a better answer.

        Congratulations on your new baby as well (from your other post), and once again the best of luck

      3. Hussain

        I am asking about the possibilities as my wife is a PhD scholar in italy and just 20 days before our child was born in italy and now my wife is unable to continue her studies as her first periority is to take care of her new born baby.

  20. kariza

    Hello! I would ask you in the name if Burundians Journalists who is in trouble in differents Cantries in word but thank you Swedish to help refuges but How the Migration of Sweden consider Journalist protection?thank you waiting your answer

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Kariza,
      As I understand Migrationsverket will consider each application on its own merits, and does not formulate a policy for specific occupations. Basically it depends on how well you can prove you meet the conditions for asylum, refugee, or protective status. I found one case of a journalist who was recently denied asylum:

      Anyone can apply for asylum/protective status/refugee status at Sweden’s border or from within Sweden, so if you think you have a good case you can always try.

      Hopefully this answers your question. Good luck

      1. Mamadou Pele

        Hello what is the conditions to get protection there in Sweden?i don’t know where my First born is but there are some people who told me that he is in Sweden i don’t well! I fonder of Radio statio here and my Boy it was in bad situation becouse me i live in differentes countries becouse of my security becouse in my countrie the Government destroy my radio and my house and all my thing like Cars are taken by the Gorvement what can you help my boy to get protection if he is realy there!becouse every Gorvement member who can see him can kill him because i am consider as annemy of Government of my country becouse i can’t accepte the bad thing that the president do!and why even some one is the refuge why you can’t help him to get job or to study in your country?even if some one is Asylum Seekers is Human being you know to pass 8 Months in the camp eat and sleep only it’s streessfull!help me to answer

      2. Administrator Post author

        Hello Mamadou Pele,

        Sounds like a very bad situation in your country, and hopefully your son is safe.

        Perhaps you can contact Migrationsverket and tell them to pass a message to your son for him to contact you, if he is in Sweden. I don’t think they would reveal to you directly if he was there or not, for his security.

        Hopefully you get good news soon

  21. kiziba

    Hello! Am Burundian Refuge in Mahama camp here the life is so difficulte am Burundian who did’nt accepte Third election of President Nkurunziza and if same one get a chance to comme in Sweden what can you help him if. I have a proof of registration of HCR here in Mahama Camp! But we haven’t enough woter to drink no Food but HCR is in sitiation here verv difficult what can Swedish Migration or Governement can Help me if i get a chance to come he to get a refuge status thank Good bless you!

    1. Administrator Post author

      Greetings Kiziba,

      The best thing I can tell you is to get in touch with one of the agencies listed above that helps refugees. Hopefully they can tell you some helpful information.

      I believe the UN HCR may distribute some people from camps to Europe for refugee protection, so perhaps you can ask an official there about how you can apply for asylum in Europe through the UNHCR

  22. Etekiama

    Hello!am From Congo RDC i would ask you How Dublin System work? If Some one want to come in Sweden and you know that here in Congo if some one want a visa to Sweden the embassy that is in charge is Belgium Embasy according your convention if he come to Sweden Directly is the Sweden which can consider his asylum?or it’s Belgium?if the first fing print he did is in Sweden or if the First Country in Europe is Sweden how the Dublin system work for that Situation?Thank you

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Etekiama,

      I believe the Dublin Regulation says that your asylum application is processed by the first EU (or participating) country you arrive to. I don’t think it matters if you go to the Belgian embassy in RDC, it just matters that Sweden is the first EU country you arrive to in Europe.

      Hope that helps

  23. Venuste

    Hello again!is it possible that asylum seeker can search and can find a job here in Sweden?or it’s not allowed?what is the procedure?can you please find adress or Contact of Employees com9mission or Department?because you know even if some one his country in insecurity but can find a job and the tax as others thank you to help am from sierra leone

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Venuste,

      It is possible to work if you meet certain requirements detailed in the asylum paperwork you receive from Migrationsverket. You can find all the information here:

      Note that on that link it says the information will be changing soon due to recent changes in the law. The situation regarding work for asylum seekers is changing often, so it’s a good idea to keep checking with Migrationsverket:

      Good luck

  24. John pele

    Hello! Am john from Niger! I want to know How the Migration work about the Dubin Regulations?because that regulation stipulate that the First Country. Entered in EU is he the Responsible for Asylum Application yes? And if some go to the Migration for asylum automatically they can found that you have Fing print in other EU Country yes? For me when i came here my First country in EU was Sweden and when the Migration take my Fing print they did’t tell me any thing but after one week the tell me that i had a visa from Belgium why?and i know that my visa was Schenghen visa to go to the Sweden and if the system work Well you can found it simply and you kwon that many country in africa if some one want a visa for Sweden can pass in some embassy like Belgium or Italy according your convention but always they told me that they don’t know who will be responsible for my asylum application if it’Belgium or Sweden,for me it’s not problem any country can process my Asylum i don’t care the Country that i would be happy to be is my country First but stay wait’ng and i know that my First country EU is Sweden is so stressfull so much so what can you help me?

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello John Pele,

      I’m not sure how strictly Migrationsverket is applying the Dublin Regulation- it is messy right now, but it sounds like as long as either Belgium or Sweden processes your application then that works for you. Good that you are flexible- and you will probably need to be patient too. I’ve heard from people who get sent back and forth between two EU countries over the Dublin Agreement. Eventually though one country will need to process your application, and hopefully that day comes sooner than later.

      While you’re in Sweden I can recommend contacting an agency from this list to get more relevant information:

      Best of luck

      1. john pele

        But Mr or Mm Administrator you can tell me as well if you told me that the Dublin said that the First Country that you entered is he the country that can process you Asylum application so to avoid to waste a time to stay in the place then they after they told you tovmove in other country becouse is take some one as ball of Ping Pong i know that my first finger is here so i can wait the Process of Interview process Appointement is that i think becouse for me even to go in Belgium i have no problem when i come here i didn’t come here before if my Visa was for Belgium or if i get an opportunity to get asylum in Belgium becouse i did’t know before Sweden before or other EU Country as you’re a good People can you advice me what to do!now it’s almost 2 Months without knowing any thing

      2. Administrator Post author

        Hello John Pele,
        Unfortunately I can’t tell you anything more- some countries are not enforcing -at least until recently or the present- all the provisions of the Dublin Regulation. All I can advise is to follow what Migrationsverket has instructed you to do, and ask them any questions you have. You are waiting two months since your asylum application? Then if you didn’t hear anything else then I would assume they are still processing the application and you must wait longer. Reading Migrationsverket’s webpage about waiting times for asylum applications ( it says they are working on it, but you may have to wait quite a while.

        The organizations that I linked to in the last response will be more helpful than my responses too.

        Hope you get it worked out soon

  25. Antony

    Hello Dear!if you had a schengen Visa and you come in Sweden as that man from Niger said what is the requirements to who will responsible of your asylum application?if you had a visa from Schengen is it true that the First Country you enter is it responsible for asylum Application? Try to explain us about that Regulation of Dublin!thank you

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Antony,

      Generally speaking there’s not much more I can say that isn’t already mentioned: what is mentioned towards the end of this article and the fact that the regulation isn’t enforced completely so people don’t know what to expect. It really just depends on what Migrationsverket tells each applicant.

      Here is some detailed information about the Dublin Regulation:

  26. Adrina

    Hello, Administrator,
    I `m Adrina from Albania, I have a family and wanted to seek asylum in sweden becouse here in Albania our political opinion is deferent from te government and cant find a job.
    I`ve been fired 2 times from job becouse my political opinions. So my question is CAN I COME TO SWEDEN AND ASK FOR ASYLUM? Thank you, I`m waiting for your response.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Adrina,

      Yes, you and anyone can come to Sweden and apply for asylum. The question is, will your application be successful. To determine that Migrationsverket considers the individual circumstances of your unique situation.

      Do you think you qualify under any of the reasons named above? If you think so then you can at least try.

      However there are a lot of stories in the press lately about asylum seekers who aren’t from countries with an active war being unsuccessful. I’m sure you read these in Albania’s press, and here is one that names Albania specifically:

      That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you though, just something to consider.

      Best wishes for you and your family

  27. Molla

    Hello sir/madam,
    One of my friend is asking me to know about living in Sweden .he got refugee status in france and he got passport under UN .Also ,he has been living in france since 2012.I hope you will reply me in detail.thanks

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Molla,

      It depends how he wants to live in Sweden. Does he want to apply for asylum there? I don’t think that’s possible because he already has that status in France. His other options to live in Sweden are: get a job there, get married to someone there, or go to school there.

      Hope that answers your question

  28. ghieth

    i am a Syrian citizen living in Jordan
    if I have traveled legally to Sweden by plane and entered Swedish land , am I able to apply for refugee protection it is time and may I be accepted ?

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Ghieth,

      Yes I believe you can apply for refugee protection. Just follow the steps on this page and go to any Migrationsverket office (detailed above) or police station.

      It depends on your own unique circumstances if your case is approved.

      Best of luck

  29. Anonymous

    Hello!I am an asylum seeker in Sweden from Albania.I have seek asylum in 2014 for reason blood revenge and everything is investigated from emigration and everything is true but emigration says that they are not so much facts because is not just police report.Now emigration does not give anymore time but we have now the report from police just it needs a littel time to come in Sweden.What can we do?
    Please give me an answer.
    Thank you!

    1. Administrator Post author


      If you have contacted Migrationsverket and they say they cannot wait for your additional information, then you can always appeal their decision. You have some time to do this once you receive a decision so hopefully the police report will arrive by then.

      Perhaps you can find additional information through one of these sources:

      Best of luck for your case

  30. Wale

    Hello. I’m Wale by name and am from Nigeria. I just got italy visa last week and I want to come to Sweden to seek Asylum cos the situation in my country is getting bad everyday. My 2yrs old son was keptnapp last 3 month. Please I want to seek Asylum there. Are they going to accept my application in Sweden. Please get back to me

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Wale,

      I believe that if you have a visa for Italy then you are supposed to apply for asylum there. Anyone can apply for asylum in Sweden. However I suspect in Sweden they will tell you to apply in Italy. You can always write to Migrationsverket and ask to be certain.

      Best of luck and I hope everything works out for you

  31. Anonymous

    hello there. I have a friend who is Iranian and does not want to be identified as a muslim or believe in islam. She is afraid of what would happen to her in Iran if she stayed and has moved to dubai for the time being, albeit another islamic country, but she would be persecuted if she was found to have denounced her faith. She is scared and she is also bisexual. What recommendations can you give? With an Iranian passport it is extremely hard to almost non existent to acquire a visa for travel to sweden to request asylum let a lone to any country within Schengen.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

  32. Cayan

    Hello Admin,

    Me and my husband are originally from West Africa.
    He was a supporter of former President who is today at the International Criminal Court.
    He is also a blogger well known and followed by thousands of users for its subjects
    on the political situation in our country. During the 2011 crisis, which took place following the
    elections that resulted in the deportation of the former president in jail, he had to leave
    the country because of menases. He takes refuge in Ghana and in Togo. he is also registered with UNHCR and have a passport
    of that organization. During his exile in the several countries, many of his comrades disappeared,
    some found dead. Since receiving death threats, he has once again leave Togo
    to join me in Morocco, where we have found a job. We have 2 children. Everything was going fine
    until recently where he received again threatening letters. We are frightened and we ask us
    the question if we can come by air to sweden and ask asylum with our children.

    It _ is there a chance to have a job and send our children to school while waiting for the final decision ?

    thank you to answer us

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Cayan,

      It sounds like a very stressful situation you and your family have been going through.

      First I would say to contact one of the agencies listed at the bottom of this main page to get the best answers.

      Anyone can go to Sweden and apply for asylum or protected status. It is up to Migrationsverket to approve your application. If you can fly to Sweden then you can apply once you arrive there.

      If the country from which you have your passport is on this list then you need a visa to go to Sweden as a tourist (

      Here is more information in general about visiting Sweden as a tourist:

      Sorry but I don’t have any information for you about needing a tourist visa (or not) for passports issued by the UNHCR.

      While you are waiting Migrationsverket (Swedish Migration Agency) says your children have the right to go to school (

      Here are the conditions you must meet for you and your husband to work while you application is being processed:

      Hope this helps and best wishes for you and your family

      1. Joe

        I had given my fingerprints and photographed at the embassy in my country to obtain a UT card to study in Sweden…. Are all that information stored in the Eurodac file? can i apply asylum anywhere in the EU?

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Waseem,

      I’m not sure what, if any, movement restrictions are on a five-year Italian residence permit based on a refugee status. Perhaps you are allowed to live in any EU country? What does it say on your current residence permit?

      In principle you can always apply for refugee status in Sweden, but because you already have it from one EU country I would doubt that Sweden would give you a residence permit based on a refugee status (they would consider your current place of residence to be Italy, and you would therefore not be in danger)

      Best of luck

  33. faisal

    Hi Admin
    I am khan from pakistan. i previously lived in uk for three years on student visa. i completed my degree and went back to pakistan in 2011. now with an incident happen to me in pakistan i have to fled my country. now i m in turkey and i want to come to sweden to apply for asylum. i want to know, can i apply for asylum in sweden or i have to go to uk to apply for asylum. due to dublin regulation.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Khan,

      You can apply for asylum anywhere in Europe, but if you have previously had a residence permit in one particular country then I believe the Dublin Regulation stipulates that your asylum application would be processed in that country (and you would be transferred there), as you indicated in your comment. Of course, Sweden has been selectively enforcing the Dublin Regulation, so I’m afraid there is not a definite answer.

      Best of luck

  34. Lamin Darboe

    My name is Lamin Darboe am staying in italy for 2 years now and I have a girlfriend who is a Swedish nationality and she pergant for 4 months now and she really want us to be together but I Don know how the process I need a help I love her so much and she love me too so much she normally come to visit me here and she is 4 pergant and she can’t travel due to her peregancy I need help

  35. FOLU

    Hummmmmm, very interesting. I seek gay asylum protection in Sweden, after I graduated from one of the EU countries, am an orphan and my relatives disowned me because of my Gayness, have no where to go, been in Camp 2 months now, I submitted all my documents, all people that we come together have already their LMA card since last month, but no for me, am confused though I was told am affected by Dublin law. What do you advice please?

  36. Abu

    Thank you very much for getting us this information. Please my question is.. I have mistakenly identify myself as Nigerian in one of the EU countries and I did my fingerprint. Do I have right to change identity with proof which is my birth certificate in another EU country. Please I need your help if someone can sort it for me. Thanks

  37. Adam Idris

    Am Eritrean refugee, I reached Europe after long dramatical journey, and still I didn’t get asylum, my I left my family in Sudan illegally, since there is historical hatred of some Sudanese of Habash Ethnic group, my family had arrested two time to release with a ransom of 15000 Sudanese pound, and as our home is became known by Sudanese security,they used to come and threaten my family to pay 1000 Sdg, they have taken our properties,previously they such attempt to take my little daughter, to release after along urging, now Am afraid to violent my teenager daughter,that seemed mature,so dear sir would you help me in getting asylum, to prevent , my family refugee file has blocked without any plea , Am in a bad condition, I can’t be able to sleep,I neared to be out of my sense,finally I hope you a prosper life. Yours truly. Adam


      hello I leave in Italy with my family my husband and 3 kids we leave as a refugee they are not taking care of us here in Italy we are suffer,we have 2 permit to stay, we want to leave Italy to Sweden asylum can it be possible for we

  38. rania-24

    hi just want to ask help whats the best way to live in sweden. i am a filipina married to a saudi citizen. we got married in phil but unluckily they did not honor our marriage contract here in saudi. i am here working in a hospital here in saudi. we are already 3 yrs married and until now we need to ask permission from the ministry of interior. its a very long process and there is no exact time when they will grant our marriage contract. we can not live as a normal couple here. my husband wants to apply in sweden as assylum refugee to be together, we can not get any rights here in ksa but to enter sweden he gets schengen visa is that possible sir?? thank u for ut help.

  39. Andma Badghis

    Greetings and thanks for your useful information.
    I am student from Afghanistan and my family joint me now legally here in Germany. We have temporary residents permit and going to apply for asylum in Germany, do we have chance to titled as asylum? Or can we move to Sweden and apply over there? I can not go back due my pervious job and security reasons.
    Thanks for you time.

  40. Rajab Bourchaga

    my name is Rajab bourchaga from DRC Congo refuge in Uganda Kampala, I was asking asylum from Sweden cz I admire that country so much and already have a refugee identity card.plz I need help if its possible.thanks and God bless

  41. Napoleon bonaparte

    Am a Liberian migrant presently in italy can i apply for international protection in Sweden,i need an advise from you and help also..

  42. toni

    hey i had an italy visa,i have been in sweden for more that 18 months.if i apply for assylum will i still be sent back to italy??

  43. toni

    hey i had an italy visa,i have been in sweden for more that 18 months.if i apply for assylum will i still be sent back to italy??

  44. Anonymous

    Dear sir,
    My friend has å son was bort in greece and she has mental illness also she has permit tö stay in greece but she came tö sweden and ask asylem again she want leave her son with me if migrationsverket want deport her is there any posibility tö keep him with me för his safty

  45. Aref alhammadi

    How can I get asylum visa to sweden am a yemeni my country in a bad situation people are dying everyday coz of the war I lost my cousins friends they got kiled by war airplane life it’s so hard over here please help me to get asylum visa to sweden I don’t want to die here I want to live like all humans plz do help me

  46. Anonymous

    Hello I am from Afghanistan I have been granted refugee status for five years in italy is there any possibility or opportunity to work or chang my residency in sweden ..

  47. Rahul


    I am from India (Indian National). I would be getting divorced, but my wife and her parents are threatening me for my life for which I have filed a case as well.
    I want to leave India as my life is in danger and want to seek asylum in Sweden. Will my application be considered?

  48. Mahmood Abdullah Almaqashi

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My name is Mahmood Almaqashi from Yemen.
    I am 23 years old. I am orphan boy. My father is die because the bad situation here. As you know what happen here from the horrible wars we have no business with it. Just destroyed everything our dreams our hopes and our future. No one damage from that war more than us, I mean students and orphans boy such as me. Other things Hothi party
    that coz the war they kidnaps the boys and students from the streets to make them fight without mercy and they trying to kidnap me too but I defended myself and in the last has been wounded me with a knife in my back my friends transferred me directly to emergency in the University Hospital of Science and Technology. And also now they run after me. So if you care about my life and I know you care about all countries that’s damaged finally I request to be refuge there in Sweden to keep my life. I have prove to what I said. I have officially paper for that.
    thank you
    Mahmood Almaqashi

  49. T_T

    Hi there.
    Im iranian . Im 26 years old and female.. i have diplomas of (digital photography,graphic of computer)and also seince of hairstyling and hair coloring and im working as a hairstylist n makeup artist now. I love my country as every one loves.but as u knw tht isnt safe for me n also my parrents.i like to come there n get sweden permanent visa or citizenship… n live there forever…. sweden is a lovely country…. could u pls help me?

  50. Anonymous

    Hello , iam 28 years old married , my question is , if i applied as asylum in sweden and have babybirth there so what is the statue of the new born baby?eaven if we didnt get the approval for assylum . ?

  51. Mrs. Abbasi

    We spouses adopt the Christian religious just one year ago, Religious extremists threats to us.
    We both spouses fly from Dubai to Czech Republic and then from Czech Republic we can go to Sweden and apply for asylum. Can us both spouses eligible to apply to asylum in Italy or Sweden Government will send us back to the Czech Republic.
    Simple Question and Simple answer that we can apply it or not. We Entitle for asylum in Italy or not?
    Both husband and wife is Ambitious asylum in the Sweden as a peaceful, beautiful and historic country. Both spouses would like to live in the best environment, enlightened and educated people.

    Thanks with Regards
    You’re truly

  52. Joe

    I my wife and son came to Sweden 1month ago as my wife got a student visa for just 6 month as this was the only way to get out of threats and death in our home country… I contacted Caritas Sweden George Joseph told him the whole situation and he says I understand about the Christians in Pakistan but the Sweden law do not value/recognize the situation of the country i came we are from and it would be a NO from the Swedish migration. If he understand then why not standing up for us we hav a 2 year old son if after 53 months we go back either we will have to kill our self at home or accept death.

    Please be kind and help us Sweden as our case is involving asylum if its not strong reason that is not the meaning of asylum.

  53. momo

    Hello dear,
    i live in Germany and i have a residence permit and i live my own apartment and i have a job.
    i have my younger brother who have been rejected his asylum application or case in Norway.
    So my question is,if he can seek asylum in Germany and join me or they will send him back to Norway.

  54. Usman D Bangura

    I am a Sierra leonean refugee living in Guinea Conakry since 2013, I have my refugee status but up till now I was not call upon for resettlement interview. My life is seriously at threat here because my persecutors are looking for me, please help me so that I can continued my university studies and leave a better life.

  55. Jawes kariz

    Hi my name is jawed karizi iam son of faiz karizi my father and his family liveing in swedan sins 2006 now my live is a dengar with my femily can uu get more information from my father his ph, numbar is, 737026959 and he is a singar he live in uppsala storwarets sonoimonswegan

  56. Imraan patel

    Good day sir. My name is imran patel.. Am a Muslim from india how can I apply Swedish asylum…. Please help me out… Thank you..

  57. Kaguta esron

    I was refugee in USA I was illegally deported in my born country which I was emigrated all my documents was taken by immigration officers.This time I has emigrated again in Uganda.what can I as some one who is wanted for being tortured . And can ask a asylum in Sweden?

  58. Arafa

    Dear sir, right now am in the immigration jail at sukabumi and am so coufused and afraid because  of i dont  know any body in indonesia who can help me and safe my life. all my hope now is on UNHCR to safe my life.
    Plase UNHCR  am begging with macry to help me and safe my life for not going back to my country and face prosecution.  on the 5 December 2017 during my interview i told UNHCR my country will have conflict because of the injustic uncountable secret killing there and lack of Human right. On 9 December 2017 the ex presdent Yahya Jammeh came front the hold worldwide and announced dit he will not accepted the election results and after the anouncement it was a big conflict in my country and over 25 thousans peoples  leave my country  inculding my own familys for there safety. The ex president hired mercenaries and Rebels and inculding does peoples in the Gambia  Security forces who was making  the killings for him  the NIA…JUNGUlERS… ARMYS…POLICES and all of them are still now there With there heavy weapons any moment they can launch serious attack. that why still now the new president cant not stay in the state house. the UN security, African Union security, Economic Community of West African State security they are still now there to safe peoples life. I have lot information about the injustic killings in my country and i believe without know doubt if indonesia government deport me back to my country they will kill me. Please am begging UNHCR to safe my life and other refugees  who need your help in indonesia and around the world before is late. I need help to apply asylum in Sweden beause UNHCR in Indonesia more than 3 three-year now they dont give me any support. No food to eat no place to stay i use to sleep in the streets and begging people to eat

  59. Bruce

    I had given my fingerprints and photographed at the embassy in my country to obtain a UT card…. Will all that are also stored in the Eurodac file?

  60. Makuei Abraham Mabior

    I am Makuei Abraham south Sudanese, I am afraid of losing my life just simply like a chicken,
    I need protection from Sweden with all my life
    how do I make it possible seek asylum in Sweden

  61. Sa‘ed Abdi

    Dear Admin.Iam from Somalia.There is unstability and destruction in my country due to political and religious problems.I want to apply refugee appliction,is it possible to apply while iam in my home country.How it would be possible to apply.please help me and tell me what i do

  62. aura

    Hello my name is Aura and I’m from Venezuela. My country is under a dictatorship and recently there’s been people murdered by national guards, especially students, people illegally put in prison and a general and constant threatening.I fear for my life and freedom because I am a student too, besides of the critical situation the country has, such as insecurity, I feel I’m in danger and I can’t live like this. I will apply for asylum a Sweden because I have friends there. Do you think my case would be considered as enough to get proteccion or asylum? thanks.

  63. emma emmi

    Hi my name is emmanuel from nigeria i live in italy with my wife as an asylum seeker but i and my have a new born baby at hand in italy plesa, i and my wife don’t love the way the italian are treating the asylum seekers so, i and my family have decide to live italy to go and seeker asylum in sweden. please, how can you help us please???

  64. Omer

    Dear i m pakistani.and i m facing armed conflict here in is a risk of my and my family life.i have also regester a police report and i have with me.
    Can i come to sweden and apply for the asylum.
    Can i get asylum in sweden.
    Plz reply.

  65. Irabor Francis

    Good day. I’m irabor from Nigeria. I have a pregnant wife and a son… I having issue with my family and I’m also getting death treat from member other members of my family. I would love to seek for asylum in Sweden. I don’t know if I can get help from them. I had to leave my current location but still I get constant messages from this people, I report this issue to the police and they say its family issue nothing can be done… I need to leave this country with my family but I want to know if I can get help from the Sweden immigration.

    Looking forward to your reply.
    Thank you.

    1. anikka

      as far as i know u can seek asylum in sweden if u think u really need protection, all u need to do is gather all ur papers with u including police report if u have as a proof that ur in danger. get a 2 way ticket and when u reach airport u can can find migrationsverket (immigration) and u can apply right there. you can read some questions here with answers as ur basis. goodluck!

  66. Jay

    Hi. I’m from Kenya. We’re currently preparing for elections and as usual it’s a battle between two major ethnic tribes ie. Luo and Kikuyu. I am a luo and our President is kikuyu yet the one who wants to uproot him from power is Luo. It is now 6 days to elections, so far, the head of the military has been assassinated, the head of the ICT system for the Intergrated Elections Board has been tortoured and killed with his fingers missing since there is a rumour that his finger prints are the only ones that have access to the system. Also, there have been claims of the military being in cahoots with the President in order to rig the elections to his favour.The spokesman of the military who confirmed this is now missing. Do you think the above is reason enough to apply for assylum considering I am a Luo and if the Kikuyu’s win the elections there will be war or vice versa. As it is, there are threats all over social media.

  67. preet

    Hlo sir . Me and my wife in finland i from india . I will plan come to swden and apply for asylum . How can get woekpermit after reject my asylum .can we got workpermit . If will my baby worn in swden how can i ger workpermit in sweden

  68. Austin

    My name is Austin from country frown same sex marriage, I myself does not practice it, but made suggestions concerning fundermental human right and now I’m not safe anymore. I even loss my job because of that comment please can I seek asylum from Sweden?

  69. Gabriel

    In south Sudan but unfortunately the started last year and I mnone of the victim of war I managed to ESCAP to Egypt again as refugee . I applied in UN office in Egypt to reopen my file now spent one year did not open . so . I would like to apply as refugee to Sweden . what’s is Impossible to do. To have a chance.

  70. alexis ghislain

    i just want to know i am a refugee in south africa with 4 years status can i apply to be settlement in sweden ?

  71. Artem

    I’m from russia, I’m gay and HIV positive. Now i live in tunisia with my partner his HIV status undetermined. I know for sure that there’s no therapy for HIV+ people in Tunisia.
    What can we do? How we manage it? What if something happens to him because of that? We are already living in homophobic country and if he gets infected I won’t be able to take him to Russia and get the treatment. Please, help us anyhow.

  72. Kashmala

    Hi i am kashmala from denmark.i want to ask one thing that i got negative from denmark is it possible if i will come sweden .i am a refugee and i will come without visa because i want to apply asylum in sweden.please must answer me

  73. ashu

    I am from southern cameroon a country that wan to separate from la republic thise strikes start in November 2017 from poor educational system and might treatment by la republic they kill us very day i have no place to please help me I will to become a refuges in sweden

  74. Hayan Alyasin

    I am a Syrian citizen having a UNHCR refugee certificate from Abu Dhabi ( UAE ) office, where I have a conflict with the Syrian government through the Syrian embassy in Abu Dhabi whom they officially request the UAE Authority to deport me , the complete issued been informed to the UNHCR office at Abu Dhabi whom they gave me a refugee certificate, due to that i have to immediate leave of the UAE on the same I can’t go back to Syria.
    I need urgent settlements for me and my family.
    could you please help me in that issue where I am not able to get a visa to any country and appeal for asylum.
    how can i get a refugee visa from a European embassy in ABu Dhabi.

  75. Abrar Hussi

    Hi .. I got a student visa of hungry last month from my country. But before I get the visa I was attack and had to leave my country and travel illegally to Europe. I get to sweden now and I hears they approved my hungrian visa for long stay but I didn’t travel with my passport and neither I got my residence card from hungry .. would sweden consider my application here or will they send me to hungry ??

    Kindly waiting for the soon reply thanks

  76. Bouchta taghzouti

    I am Moroccan,for that moment I live in my home country,my purpose for a long time has been immigration to Sweden and applying for asylum there,but how can I apply asylum,even I stay in my home country.

  77. Ali Vaseghi Nobari

    Dear Friend ,
    I am 67 years old Iranian engineer,i am one of the
    Intelligence system’s victims,i need to leave my country to a safe state for protection and resettlement for this purpose i have the following priorities :
    4-EU members
    I know exactly to apply for refugee status it should be at the port of entry or inside the country,so i need a touris visa but do you belive that most of the embassies in Tehran request many supporting documents which is not realistic and i am sure this is ony due to the influence of our intelligence system over most of the western embassies so to get visa is very difficult to me,i would be delighted if you tell me what is my best option ?
    Best Wishes

    1. Administrator Post author

      Dear Ali Vaseghi Nobari,

      Hello and thank you for writing. I don’t usually respond on this refugee/asylum page to anyone (though I hope others with experience do) because I don’t have any experience in this area and am afraid any advice I might give could be wrong and damaging.

      Having said that, I looked on the Wikipedia page that talks about visa requirements for Iranians (uncertain how reliable this is) and it shows you don’t need a visa to travel to Serbia. From there you could apply at a border crossing with Hungary, Romania, or Bulgaria; all EU countries.

      Best of luck, and hopefully someone with more information will respond to your question.

  78. Rushambara cedric

    I’m Congolese refugees in Burundi I want help if as possible you can help me the permanent residence in Sweden here my security is very dangerous thanks for helping me.

  79. Tresor


    I’m Tresor
    A Congolese 18 year old, I flew from my home country with my parents are t the age of 7 from the Congo DRC to South Africa seeking for a better life reason why we few from thee Congo was because of civil war and mainly of one of the iligal military groups threatening us telling my dad that they would kill him and mom and make use because part of the military therefore we flew to South Africa seeking for a better life but sadly what we where hoping for isn’t what we received, yes South Africa excepted as as refugees and that’s all they left us homeless for months till dad and mom had to find some how how to get us an apartment we could rent , till this very same day after 11/12 years of living in South Africa we haven’t become citizens yet, mom sells veggies and fruits outside on the streets and dad helps her sell too .. I can’t even apply for university cause I’m not a South African, please help us go to a better land so that I could further my studies and one day became the president of the Congo and get the county on track.

    Please get back to me thank you


    hi am abreham from ethiopia you now how was the existance of ethiopia its heavy to say i need became refgue in sweden please please please help me,

  81. Claudette

    I am a south african and looking for a place to move to as refugees for my family of 3. Current state here is horrible and we live in fear. Can i apply to sweden for asylum?
    Thank you.

  82. Emmanuel

    I am Emmanuel a Nigerian publicist keen on helping young Christians devastated by Boko Haram, Jihadist groups & ruthless political elements in North Nigeria. I have a case of a young boy, well skilled in football and plumbing works. His community was sacked by Boko Haram, i helped him escaped when serving in the North. Also, i suspect he is into gay and there is an outstanding law that prescribe fourteen years in jails for him and any of his friends. I think its double jeopardy for him if he is caught. Sometimes gays are lynched, parade naked in street or outrightly buried alive. I feel for him. I want him to travel out pending when the law is repel or when he can fend foe him self. Due to his football skills, some kind humanists i spoke to promised to pool funds and send him to Russia this 2018. My question is, can he seek asylum in Swedisd-Russia border? Also, i hope the Russian FBS, red skins wont harm him?

    Kind Regards.

  83. Anonymous

    hello ,
    i am cala i am ethiopin oromo refuge living in i am here in refuge comp for twenty five years my oldest son is 21 years we don,t have enough life i am ilness my back bone is going to break i wanna emergancy and heiping

  84. Anonymous

    My name is Mohamed furda I’AM an Ethiopia Oromo refugee I am nineteen years old really my family is political refuge they fear and fled from their country and entered Somalia then traveled to Yemen country just now lived in the Yemen refugee camp called Al-Kharaz camp for long time about twenty five years
    My father has got three wives one wife is widower and others are older my father has got nineteen children me and all of them born in the refugee camp of Yemen all of them lived here without help and without education really we lived here under the strict serious condition really we dream and hope to go Sweden country but we can’t because we are vulnerable family please help us so I request from you to solve my problems as soon as possible.
    Thank you very much.

  85. Anonymous

    I am in Sweden as an asylum seeker stay waiting for the decision from Migration agency but during my investigation, it was quite unfortunate that I did not submit civil documents like passport, birth certificate etc. because those documents were stolen at the Stockholm City Terminal by some criminal upon my arrival to Sweden. and now I have found a woman who I want to marriage which of whom is an EU or Swedish citizen. The question is, can I stay in Sweden and Marry this woman or i have to out of Sweden fore we marriage?

  86. Adan Abdullahi Abdi

    Iam Adan Abdullahi Abdi ,I leave in Kenya specially Dadaab Refugee camps,I here by to request you a sponsor ,I like to study and Work in Sweden.Thank you Mr or Mrs .

  87. Babar

    Dear sir ,

    I want to know if I have German schengen visit visa and also my first entry in Germany can I apply assylum in Sweden.

    B Nawaz

  88. Zusi

    I’m totally confused about dublin 3 law and how it works there,So if i move from middle east to Italy and then i move to Sweden and apply there for first time i “may” sent back to Italy?
    I couldn’t find a clear answer to this,can you help me through this

  89. Hamideh karimian

    My name is Hamideh from Iran accompanied with my parents and two brothers live in Turkey as Asylum Refugee for 3 and half years. We requested shelter from Uniates Nation,because We are imprisoned and harassed if we return to Iran,because Iranian government recognize us as renegade that we are trying to promoting the religion of Christ,Whereas we are serving for Christianity and Church in Turkey and we endowed our home for worship and conference and spiritual classes.Our problems are as follows:
    We have been denied from UN and we filed an appeal for 2 years and none of our protests has been investigated,and have been told that they are not going to answer us soon,and our condition are specially needy to be addressed,because I have sick brother who is suffering from Down Syndrome and has advanced skin disease,we have been told from Turkish hospital that he needs special care and treatment.As you know patient with Down Syndrome not live for long ,we have harsh condition that including work(we have no permit to work) and financial problem,health care and social harm(there is bad look for young foreign women from men in Turkish sociatey).life has made us hard and incredible.I will attach some photo and document to you. My question is Am I eligible for humanitarian Visa?
    Thank you for your consideration

    1. SADIKU Abibu

      I have stay for Italy for four years with their document i read mechanical engineering i can fine work are stability here pls Sweden government help love to sick asylum love Sweden people they are good people pls sir

  90. shahid hamid

    hello how r u .i am rufgee clamint in canada on appeal process .is it possible can i move my file in sweden country .thanks

  91. Mudasir

    Hello I’m Mudasir from Afghanistan maybe you are know here a taliban does not leave me for study and I’m found in my study please if u can sending me a visa I’m 18 year old thanks u

  92. Bereket

    First of all thanks for your information. I have my brother in Europe ,he is from ethiopia he had crossed Sudan, libya and meditranean sea to get to Europe. Now he want to go to sweden to seek asylum. And our uncle resides in sweden. What should he do to get accepted in sweden?
    I’m looking for your answers. Thank You.

  93. Jana Qureshi

    Hello I am 23 years old from Pakistan and I am gay I want apply for asylum In Sweden please guide me or help me. Actually my dream is to participate in ‘Mr gay world’ competition but my country will not support nor help me I want live my life as a proud gay.

  94. Babatunde Duyilesayo Houston

    I have suffering under political instability and violence in Nigeria as a Nigerian over the years, living under tension of terrorism of bokoharm insurgents spreading through the country. Please kindly help me I am the only child of my late parents. I have nothing but God only.

  95. soulinaim

    Hello I am from Morocco. I am 23 years old. I am a gay I suffer and I receive threats in my country and I want asylum

  96. Sandro

    Hello Sir,

    I read all about Sweden Asylum on There is something that remains unclear though. I live in Lebanon and would like to come to Sweden to apply for Asylum. The only way I can enter Sweden is by
    a Schengen or tourist visa. If I enter Sweden with any of these visas, will I be eligible to apply for Asylum? Bearing in mind that the schengen or tourist visas have limited periods of time, and the asylum decision process can take a long time. So lets say i applied for asylum in Sweden. In this case, will the schengen or tourist visa period be disregarded and therefore, will I be allowed to remain in Sweden till the asylum decision process, even if this visa period ends?

    I would really appreciate your kind response.

    Thank you

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Sandro,
      I believe once you’re in Sweden you can apply for asylum whenever you want, and you’ll be allowed to stay there until you get a decision on your case.

      Best of luck!

  97. Nathan

    Hi, I’m Nathan.

    I have been leaving in South Africa for 16 years; since I was at the age of 5 and my parents have applied for Asylum in South Africa for this time period with no progress. Now, because I use an Asylum Document, I’m restricted to studying because I’m unable to pay the huge amount of money I need to pay to continue studying.

    I’m asking if it is possible to apply for Asylum in Sweden for this case because frankly I am being treated unfairly in the country my parents came to look for Asylum. Our applications have been sent in since the year of 2003 and until today we are still being ignored. All we get is filled extensions but this Asylum Document is not helping me because I are unable to get any job to support my studies and also I’m unable to apply for bursaries because a huge number of bursaries are only for citizen or permanent residents of South Africa.

    If you could, please help me by telling me if I’ll be able to apply for Asylum in Sweden with by regard and also under which category to classify my case if possible.


  98. Aldo Gjoni

    Hello .If I seek asylum at border police in Gothenburg aeroport when I arrive.Will they accept my application and let me go to migrationsverket if I have a shengen ban from Holland.I have big problems in my shengen ban was given by Dutch immigration.(not a criminal case).thank you

  99. maliko

    hello my name is Maliko from Uganda I’m 25years old I have tow children, I don’t have any family, father and mother they died long time I never go to school when I was younger , I got a man from Congo but now its going to 2years I’m not seeing him, I also don’t know he’s family, we didn’t get married but I have children with him he was working also in Congo Benny , for now thinking are hard in my life, I really need your help to go to Sweden and start a new life please please

  100. Efosa

    Good evening
    My name is efosa, I am asylum seeker in Italy, I have a 2 years documents I am planning to leave Italy there’s no place to stay no good food to eat so difficult I was planning to come in Sweden if I can find a job that is why I send this message if you can make me to understand how to go through it if I can find a job to live a good life I wish to leave thank you for your corporation may God bless you

  101. Hayat mohammed

    My name is hayat mohammed . I am with my husband and 4 boy children…please help,us migrate to your country ..we are eritrean

  102. Hayat mohammed

    My name is hayat mohammed . I am with my husband and 4 boy children…please help us migrate to your country ..we are eritrean

  103. Egbe Bens

    I would like to know whether it is possible for asylum seekers to apply for higher education while waiting for their decisions.
    Thank you

  104. Anonymous

    Is it possible to go to Sweden having a schengen visa which is issued by Italy embassy in Ethiopia, and seek asylum in Sweden?

  105. Charles Tyler

    I came to sweden with a France visa and I also seek asylum in sweden, on my interview I was told they need to consult France before my case of asylum we be reviewed… Can sweden accept me because have already imprinted my fingers with sweden

  106. Nicholas

    My name is Nicholas 22 years of age. I am a Zimbabwean i am seeking asylum in your country because my family wants to kill me because i am gay please help

  107. Mohamed wurie bah

    I am from Sierra Leone, west Africa we had a 11 year civil war 1991-2002 and got the ebola also in 2015. Natural disasters like the mudslide and corruption is at the height of it peak. I have gone to school and was in final year. But it not easy having a job. And most job comes with corrupt practices or would not get the job due to not relating to the boss. As a citizen of this country currently I find it difficult to live and work in my country. I am in my final year at college,but couldn’t write my dissertation due to some bad people trying to involve me into things I can’t comprehend. I fear for my life if I continue to talk against the current government I might be killed by someone or sent to jail. As there’s no freedom of speech. Can I get Asylum in Sweden.

  108. Mohannad Younes

    Hello i don’t know if this site is still active but i need help , im in Syria and it’s very difficult to get a visa to go to Sweden i can go by plane but I don’t have a visa , and applying for a study visa will take a long time and i have only 2 months or they gonna force me to go to the army . Is there any thing or a way i can get a visa ?

  109. Itangishaka gift

    Good evening good people ,my name is giftb, I am 28 years old still having force to work for a better future. I am from burundi but currently living in Nairobi Kenya coz my country burundi is full of crises and murderers I am looking for aslyum in sweedeen .I hope to get answer from you sir

  110. Emmanuel kipruto maiyo

    Please help me get asylum to Sweden am from kenya, the reason why I want to leave Kenya is because am gay and am not safe here.

  111. Gune Loy Modi

    Am a South Sudanese who would like to apply for refugee asylum in Sweden so I don’t know if it’s possible because there are very many insecurities,violence and being an orphan here is quite challenging so I would like your help if possible thanks,I will be very grateful if my request is out under consideration


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