Applying for Asylum and Refugee Status in Germany

When speaking about asylum and refugees in Germany, the federal government recognizes several categories:

  • Category 1 – Protection from Political Persecution
  • Category 2 – Protection as a Refugee
  • Category 3 – Subsidiary Protection
  • Category 4 – Prohibition of Deportation

If you fall into any of these categories then you can apply for asylum in Germany.

Category 1 – Protection from Political Persecution

To be politically persecuted means there is a state or quasi-state (state-sponsored militia or group) that is violating your rights with such an intensity that you cannot have normal peace as an individual. These violations must be against the freedom of your personal religious beliefs, political convictions, or other intangible characteristics that define you as an individual. These violations must be so severe that they violates your human dignity beyond what is acceptable in your home country.

Poverty and civil war do not necessarily qualify you for asylum based on political persecution.

Category 2 – Protection as a Refugee

You can earn refugee status if you face a justified fear of persecution in your home country based on your race, nationality, religion, membership of a social group, and/or political beliefs.

Any of the following can qualify as a persecutor:

  • State
  • Groups who are part of the state
  • Non-state groups who physically dominate a territory

Persecution is defined as acts that severely violate your basic human rights, or a combination of acts that taken together severely violate your basic human rights.

Category 3 – Subsidiary Protection

If you don’t qualify as being politically persecuted or as a refugee, you may qualify under subsidiary protection if you are at risk of serious injury in your home country. Examples in this category include:

  • Your life is at risk due to an armed conflict in your country
  • You face torture or inhumane/degrading treatment in your home country
  • You face the death penalty in your home country

Category 4 – Prohibition of Deportation

If you did not qualify under the previous three categories, you may be granted Prohibition of Deportation status if either of the following are true:

  • You face a substantial concrete danger in your home country
  • You face an extreme general danger in your home country

Making an Application

To get this process started you need to apply for asylum, which can be done at places like:

The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) reports that you can also make an application for asylum at an initial reception facility. Asylum-seeker processing facilities are growing throughout the country on a large scale and now it seems these are located in virtually every medium to large city, as well as in many small cities and towns.

German law says that you need to apply for asylum “immediately,” upon entering the country. You won’t be considered as an asylum seeker officially until you have registered as such with a federal authority.

Asylum Personal Interview

After you make your application you will be interviewed about your personal details and circumstances, as well as fingerprinted. The interview is the most important part of your application; the decision to grant you asylum or not is based largely on the interview, which is video recorded. You will also have an interpreter at your interview.

You will be asked to provide specific details about how you are being persecuted, and you are strongly encouraged to provide evidence of this persecution, if possible. Keep in mind that what you say will be cross-checked with information from UN agencies, non-profit organizations, German foreign intelligence, academic reports, and news stories.

Decision for your Case

While your application is processed you will be assigned to an initial reception facility. These are located throughout the country, in large cities and small towns. Where you will be assigned depends on which federal office you apply for asylum at, as well as the capacity of nearby initial reception facilities.

During the time your application is processed you have the right to live in Germany, and will be issued a temporary residence permit.

Once a decision is reached in your case you will be mailed a notification. If needed this will contain a translation of the decision.

If your application for asylum on refugee or political persecution grounds is accepted you will receive instructions for the next steps you can take, as well as a residence permit that is valid for up to three years. If you receive subsidiary protection you will receive a residence permit that is valid for up to one year. If you receive a “prohibition of deportation” decision you may also get a residence permit valid for up to one year.

If your application is rejected you will receive a deportation notice with additional information about how you can appeal and find legal help.

Can you work while you’re in Germany?

BAMF is the agency that will rule on your asylum application. It will make one of the following five decisions:

  • You have the right to political asylum – you can work without restrictions
  • You have refugee protection status – you can work without restrictions
  • You have subsidiary protection – you can work without restrictions
  • You will not be deported immediately (prohibition of deportation) – the immigration authority may grant you permission to work if it finds that you have not provided false information about your identity
  • Your application for asylum is denied – you cannot work and must return to your home country or appeal the decision

While you are waiting for your decision

From the time you apply for asylum until your decision is made, you have the right to reside in Germany, but you cannot start working immediately. If you want to work during the period you are waiting for your application to be processed, you will need to be granted permission to work by BAMF. At minimum this can be granted after three months from your application. Technically you will also need to obtain permission to work from your local employment agency, however BAMF will often do this for you when it issues your right to work while your application for asylum is being processed. You can find specific information on working while your application is processed here.

In Conclusion

It should be noted that the current government policy for asylum is somewhat different from what is written in law. In August of 2015 the government announced it would prepare to accept 800,000 refugees. As this stated policy is implemented, it remains to be seen how strictly and to what extent all laws written on paper will be enforced. At the time of this writing EU officials are conducting meetings to try and determine a comprehensive immigration plan.

You can find more information on the asylum process with the following links:

Note for readers: I compiled this information by reading various government websites. I don’t have direct experience with asylum/refugee cases so I can’t be of much more help. Feel free to leave a question or comment though and perhaps someone with helpful information will respond.


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  1. Tommy

    If u get german refugee and then can i go back my country after sometime???
    If i can go and can i come back german???
    How it possible please give me answer and i m just 19 year old.

    1. Administrator Post author

      Hello Tommy,

      The best information I can find is on this website:

      According to this it is possible. I believe you would apply with BAMF but I can’t find specific information about what the application asks. According to this website, what kind of travel document you apply for depends on what type of refugee you are (formal refugee or resettled refugee). Here is what it says: “Formal refugee status also means that recognised refugees can request a Convention Travel Document to facilitate travel outside of Germany. This is not available to resettled refugees, who can instead apply for the much less widely-recognised German Travel Document for Foreigners.”

      Hopefully someone else reading who knows more specific information will comment on your question. Good luck

      1. sarahjeanschleker

        Hi my name is Sarah Jean Schleker and I have been a torture victim in America since three weeks old. My family is from Germany and the innapropriate torture is occurring again. Thank you for this webpage. I would like to get a response from the German Consulate so I’m leaving my email

      2. sarahjeanschleker

        Hi I am being tortured by american texas millitia of sheriffs officers in my own home for something my cousin did and has a warrant for. Can somebody get me the email address to the German political asylum address at the embassy because it has been going on for two weeks and our police force and German Army is having trouble getting them out of the attic. I was tortured in a hospital by a muslim doctor at three weeks old and always had protected person status until now. Id like to immigrate to Germany on political asylum charges and get free from the abusive American torture system. Thank you 22783 Racine St. Robertsdale Alabama USA

      3. imtiaz hussain

        hello please give me some info am from pakiSTAN BUT AM REGISTERD in UNHCR Jakarta indonesia so i want to ask can i apply second time for refugee from indonesia for germany?

    2. Mawen Angok Kuek

      iam refugee and i want to come live in Germany because iam so tried of being refugee since during the big civil war in Sudan and now iam still live in Kenya as refugee, thank u and God bless u the people of Germany and God bless Germany and i will be waiting your feedback, thank u

    3. Sikabwe Pierre Andre

      Hello sir

      I am here just to request a asylum refugee status as I wrote before I need you for more detail about this issue

    4. Mdshaju ali

      I’m came from Greek. I have Greek asylum papers. Also I’m applying new asylum in Germany. So right now I have a job and 1 year I’m in the Germany. My question can I stay Germany or back to Greek

  2. Amadou Touray

    Hello my dear friend thanks for your wonderful written.
    I would like to ask you ,am a refugee in Germany here and am working paying my house, insurance, health insurance,
    Is there is any law grant me of Germany document? As I’m working? And how long I shall work to Grant of document? And what procedure I shall took or which office’s?
    And if I have document here did I allow to go my home country? Best regard hope to hear from you.

    1. Lloyd

      Please help im in fear of the life im leaving im a refugee in South Africa and i was attacked by robbers and i only servived a death plot….i have got police proof and medical as well… can i apply?

      1. Sam

        Hallo am Samson,
        Pls can someone enlighten me on this pls.
        Am a refugee in Germany and when my wife was interview and told the interviewer about the genital manipulation in my family, the interviewer gave my wife a paper which stated (dear parents your daughter has been granted refugees awarded)so the interpreter congratulate my wife but some months later we receive a negative result for our application with the same daughter who is granted refugees award am confused so please can anybody enlight me.

    2. Joshua

      Please do help am an English speaking Cameroonian I need asylum in Germany. Due to the genocide going on in my country

      1. Enow

        Good morning Sir, I am an English speaking Cameroonian and a single parent. Please Sir, I need asylum in Germany for the safety of me and my daughter because Cameroon is no longer safe for us. At times when is too serious we run to the forest and spend nights there. We have been running from one region to another. Please Sir look into our situation Sir.

  3. Pavel


    I and my family has difficult and dangerous situation in my native region( Doneck, Ukraine).
    Two years ago we have moved in another region , but our government doesn`t help ( can`t offer work for us, we can`t take credit in bank , can`t rent the appartment, because we are from Doneck. Political situation is very frightfully too…)
    Can we ask for refugee status, what our chances and how we can go to germany( what type of visa do we need) ?
    Thank you
    Best regards

    1. Ernest

      Hello everyone i’m Ernest an asylum seeker in Italy but I was reject by the Italian government, and I have a girlfriend who from England got a England resident and we have a son together that is almost two years . She always come to visit me here in Italy because I can’t travel without nothing. Now I am thinking of going to Germany for asylum and she pregnant again I was told because she is a EU citizen I can get my stay if she give birth in Germany. I really need help guys what do you all think?

      1. Hadush

        I am Ethiopian and i am in Ethiopia addis ababa i am in difficult and dangerous condition . Can i immigrate to Germany and how i can registration Please let me know i

  4. Karim Saed Shinwari

    I am recognized refugee to UNHCR Pakistan . I am Afghan
    I have all UNHCR documents .
    Am I eligible for asylum in German .

  5. Karim Saed Shinwari

    I am recognized refugee to UNHCR Pakistan . I am Afghan
    I have all UNHCR documents .
    Am I eligible for asylum in German ?

  6. Chacks

    Is it possible to seek asylum while in Transit lounge at Germany Airports without a visa to enter the country ?And how long does it take with the decision,what do they do with you soon after

  7. Abi

    I am a single mum of two who flee my country to seek protection in canada but we were rejected and are been deported but I fear going back to my country bcus my life and that of my kids is in danger.
    Is it possible to seek assylum in Germany airport while enrouting from Canada…..bcus going back to my country is suicide for me.

  8. Samer

    hello my name is samer im 19 years old boy I’m Christian Syrian I’ve been in lebanon sense 2006 there is a war in my country war against everybody they kill and turture Christian’s in ways I Never seen it even on TV and now I’m forced to go back there I don’t have any related family in Syria I don’t know anyone there help me I don’t want to get burned alive ..

  9. Olalekan owolabi

    Hello Sirs, Olalekan is my name I’m seeking for asylum here in Italy, but I’ve thumbprint for entry but i which to come to Germany and thumbprint for permit which they’re calling sourgeona here in Italy, because I’ve noticed that wherever​ asylum seekers thumbprint for permit, that is where he/she will be paying taxe so due to this i like to come there in Germany and do all the necessary registration,so that I’ll be able to leave and work comfortable.

  10. Mohammed parvez

    If I get number 4 prohibition of defortation can Stay like others status ? Like no 2 or 1? Or I will be Deforted? And if I can stay how long time need to get permanent residence permit?

  11. Anonymous

    Stop lying on people you guys are playing with lives of people. I’m a refugee from Afghanistan and everyone knows what the fuck is going on in Afghanistan. But you’re rejected me I say you because you publish information about what I’m counted.
    Note: remember what goes around it comes around.

  12. Sanjeevan kaur

    I belong to Sikh educated family and I have being married on papers to a hindu guy.but my family is not acceptable to this relationship and always threatened me and my husband that they will kill both of us if we started living together . Being so educated they react like they are illiterate. For this reason I think my and my husband life is in danger and we want to migrate to Germany as a refugee. Can anyone help us for the same so that we can give a safe future to our coming generation

  13. Georgia West

    I really need help. I have children and I’m very scared I really don’t want to leave south africa but I’m afraid for my life. I have an interim protection order against this person who is going to fight it. He’s a lawyer and has people following and beating up people around me. My family is too scared to visit me I’m becoming too scared to go outside and I’m a singlemother. Please i don’t want anything free i will work doing anything to earn a decent living i feel like i am going crazy. Some of these things don’t feel real.

  14. Char

    Was refused asylum in Italy and Im in Germany and have applied for asylum , am waiting in decision , can they deport me back to Italy the Dublin convention?

  15. Saint Michael

    NON-CAUCASIANS make me laugh !!! [Don’t know you’re born !!]

    I have been trapped in the u.k. for 30 YEARS against my will.Denied living with my own CAUCASIAN family in Australia for 30 years, since 1987.

    I am not british. The british have molested me, burnt my house down, killed all my pets, attacked me, attacked me whilst homeless,murdered a friend in Ireland, U.D.R. man threatened us,protestant orangeman man threatened to murder us,NEVER arrested anyone even ONCE, but have arrested me for defending myself and arrested me, locked me up in hospital, called me “MAD” because I do not want to mix with them after all the INJUSTICE, NO COMPENSATION & Post Traumatic stress they gave me.

    I now live in a land where there are barely any CAUCASIANS left and muslims look at me like I am a piece of sh1t when I do my shopping.

    The U.N. KALERGI PLAN and BARBARA SPECTRE LERNER are all behind this sh1t. THE MAGOG INVASION, led by satans’ immigration policies. The african APEX GANG of Melbourne Australia were allowed in….and now RIOT & ATTACK CAUCASIANS. Just adds INSULT TO INJURY !



  16. Sering faye

    What can I do as a migrant when my asylum is denied by Germany and also was asked to leave the country with one week.
    But I don’t know why,this is confusing at the moment…
    Secondly my love is in Germany am in a relationship planning to get married as soon as possible,to work…I have no where to go Germany is the only country that put roof above my head ever since I leave my country for other reasons.
    Can someone please tell me what to do..

  17. Ahmdd ali

    My name is ahmed ali.i am from i apply asylum in germany.and also living in germany.may 2016 i was do marriage with a dutch girl in she register in germany.and searching the can i get the residence card now.please help me

  18. Bouin Charles

    My name is Bouin Charles an i vorian refugee currently residing in Liberia and also a student at a college,and i want to extend my education in Germany for a bright future in order to serve the humanity

  19. khizer hayat

    Sir Im from pakistan i want to study and work in germany and live there forever .but i belong to a poor Family i dont have much Money So i just need help to go fast from here forever.


    U.N. I’D NO:815-13C00274

    I am Sotheeswaran. I am from kilinochchi, srilanka. I am refugee in Thailand five years.
    I kind requst
    How do I apply for resettlment.
    Please save my life.
    Thank you
    With faithfully

  21. Mehmood

    Mr. Administrator , can a person be eligible to apply for asylum on the basis of discriminatory and full of hatred behavior of society towards a specific profession which a person had in past and he is suffering with unemployment ( more then 3 years ) just because of conservative social noms facts. I am talking about liquor manufacturing profession in pakistan.

    1. Ivan

      I am not administrator, but by reading the article, you can clearly see that social norm does not classify as state actor, as for category 1 and 2 stated.

      However, if you can proof that you are until stress by a non state actor with formal/informal territorial control of your land, and are prosecuting you. You might be able to petition your case.

      Hint: Criminal organisation, Religious Zealots, terrorist organization, might occasionally fit into this category, bare in mind if the group was removed from territory, your deportation might follow (if you only granted temporary permit rather than formal refugee status). And you need at least 6-7 year to get permanent residency.

      Also, Pakistan is classified as a SAFE country, absurd as it might sound, there are good chance that category 2 application will not be granted.

      As for category 1, good luck, but this would be a case that require lax interpretation of law, hopefully you know the right people in Germany.

  22. Henry

    Plz am a Nigerian but working in Dubai UAE but my wife and 2kids were in my home country, my wife just called me that my family said they want to circumcised my 6yrs old daughter according to our family rite, and most children don’t usually survived the circumcision. Am now planning to go back home and seek asylum for my wife and kids in germany. Plz how do i go about it. Thanks

  23. Abdul Malik sidiqi

    Hello sir I am Abdul Malik sidiqi I have worked more than ten years in Kandahar Afghanistan airfield as shopkeeper . these shops names were.(Saturday Bazaar in KAF .and it’s belong to ISAF so I got warning letter from Taliban . Taliban gave the letter to my home but now I am in Risk if you are can help me and protect my family it’s your kind me and I have certificate and paper and photo’s.thanks

  24. Mohammed abdullahi

    Hi am a refugee in Italy with my wefe and son for 5month I apply asylum her now their give me 6month permit and now I want go to Germany can I apply for asylum if I get there in Germany

  25. Peggy Laib

    Hi, I, and my son live in South Africa, i am not sure if you have seen or heard what is happenig to the white folks, (every day there are about 52 murders of whites, 170 Rapes, and 50 murders of the white farmers. All the above mentioned are being done to us whites only, also whites to not geth jobs I am living with my sister and her husband. )
    I was born in Germany, my folks came here in 1973 I was only 8 at the time. My folks have since passed. I need to find out if I and my son qualify for refugee/asylum in Germany. Please Please can you help.

  26. Staret Baker

    I want to know how to apply for asylum in germany.
    Can I apply online due to the fact that I’m noe in Trinidad..

  27. Staret Baker

    Germany immigration, I’m from Jamaica but I stays in Trinidad. Can I stay in Trinidad and apply for asylum in Germany?

    1. kay

      Hi staret, as i know, i think, you have to fly to germany to do that. maybe from trinidad, you buy flight ticket on Lufthansa air as if you are going to different country , while the flight has stop over in germany, then you claim assylum

  28. Jeet singh

    Hello my friend we are come germnay 2014 and apply here asyl . Last year we have new born baby . Now we need to going back india. And india ambassy don’t issu passport for my so . Please tell me what I do now?

  29. kay

    Hello Every1. please enlighten me. if i arrive in Frankfurt by flight and claim assylum. where will they place me? is it like some fenced facility , where you are not allowed to go places but stays in that premises? if it is, for how long? when will i be able to go to citiies, i actually have friends in germany that can help. also while on assylum process, if i have the money, can i pay lawyer to assist and get me residency permit, like a work permit from private company or a study permit which i can pay for the tuition fees by myself, please do advise how long will it take from first day i land in germany, before been able to go arround germany, will an assylum seeker get locked up somewhere for so long? please share experience or advise.

  30. Anonymous

    Hi tnx about this article i am from iran and i am atheist unfortunately some one told to poli e that i am atheis and police is follow ing me and i dont know what i should do i am already escaped to Turkey and i cant stay in Turkey too much and if i back they legally kill me because beaing atheism is a big crime and they kill atheis do you think i have this chance to accept in gemany?

  31. Richard gerhard

    This is very helpful. Please iam living in germany under duldung. I live here for 15 years without papers. I have worked a bit and i am sick. I have been denied for long time.i originally came from somalia but migrated to liberia and ghana but normaly settle in liberia . i was grown up with ghanaian family. But i do not have ghana residence.Actually in 15 years ago liberia and ghana had wars.and me and both my family got involved and i lost direct contact to them. Obviousely i can not go to ghana because now i have no relationship and the community where i used to live do not like me due to the root of my family who came to ghanato find a place. I involve my self into to war during the time of ethnic clencis in northern ghana as one of youth oganisers.l have received several threats .but the BMF is asking me to get t documents to proof my identity before i can be getting assistance. I have been denied from even my social food no cloth ., no money to buy medicine.the social office cut my support . what can i do? I consulted a lawyer and the lawyer is asking for money and iam sick .the offices has received all the doctor reprt that iam also now please tell me what i have to do.

  32. Anonymous

    hello,i want to can i do if i seek asylum at the airport and before i was grant refugee status in africa while i was a refugee in the camp

  33. Elyas Mohammad

    I’m Somali live saudia Arabia 18yers I’m family 1boy 1yers 6mondy live Borbalem my boy live danger hospital

  34. Sabir khaskheli

    I’m not safe hear I want protection, please help me, i have medical proof, and report of hospital,hear attack on me one bullet injured my left foot,I hope u help me please

  35. Lloyd

    Help please im a South African refugee and im in fear of my life i was attacked by robber when i was asleep and I only survived death state..i have police proof as well as medical……how can I apply please help?

  36. Ali Lwutu


  37. Jayalath kulasinghe

    Imy name is jayalath kulasinghe from Sri Lanka working as an exploration officer in department of archaeology Colombo. I was studied my first degree special archaeology in university of Peradeniya. After I followed the post graduate diploma in archaeology university of kelaniya. Then I reading MSC DEGREE IN university of kelaniya. My duty is mainly expred to archaeological impact assessment. While I have been done Archaeologist assessment at IPALOGAMA near by ANURADAPURA District.After land and housing development Minister Mr SAJITH PEMADASA Who was involved that archaeological site destroyed .I have revealed that situation and function for all medias. So that minister said that will kill me by letter and mobile phone.
    So I am should go to the other countries for save my life and my wifeet. Because of the I have think goto the Germany for little time .
    Please help me and save my life. Minister’s Father was a murder year of 88/ I’m afraid that person how ever he will killed.
    Your faithfully
    Jayalath kulasinghe
    Exploration officer

  38. beebastyle

    Hello I’m Ibrahim I’m Ethiopian I live in Saudi Arabia 10 years ago I had an accident and now I am paraplegic it is really hard for a foreigner to live in Saudi Arabia it’s hard to work or study so I have to go to Ethiopia but living in Ethiopia is really hard for me as I told u earlier I am paraplegic I won’t get good treatment even school and transportation is hard for me so can i apply for refugee in germany for me and my mom because it’s hard for me without her and thank you

  39. Foyselur Rahman

    I am from banladesh.I am muslim and my girlfriend is hindu.We want to marry each other.But it is quit imposssible in Bangladesh.Socially different religion marriage is not accepted.We both are graduated.We are highly interested to migrate to Germany to pass the rest life together.What can we do now?Please help us

  40. Raja Mofarreh

    Please advise me how to apply as asylum seeking refugee from outside Germany,
    I am female doctor from Yemen, single mother for 2 sons, 16 and 10 yrs old, stay in Malaysia ,not allowed to work and has no support at all,,
    Please help and advise

  41. Abdellah nachat

    Hello its a chance that i search into websites net and found You , im abdellah from morocco and i have diffucult situation my life is risk beacause i already change my religion from muslim to christian but we have in islam if you are get out from it they will cut your head for 3 days if your not return they will kill you but my familly is doing religion stuff so god if they know me someday they will kill me or get me out of home i want help please i already suffred from them

  42. Faisal

    Thanks for messaging us. How can we help you today? Please, provide your email address and country of residence. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  43. Faisal

    Help me my wife and to son 1 boy 1 girl I’m not saif my life
    I’m in Bahrain my mobile phone number/0097333367096
    Please help me sir I’m waiting

  44. Mawen Angok Kuek

    i like Germany and people of Germany and iam so tried of being refugee for years since I was little baby upto now, i want to come and live in Germany, in Germany my life will be good, thank u the authority of Germany and thank u the people of Germany, God bless u all and God bless Germany, i will be waiting your feedback, thank u

  45. chinlungnews

    I’m Myanmar Chin Refugee, residing in New Delhi with my family, we are Christian, we have a valid UNHCR ID card. Can we apply for resettlement in German?

  46. Imran

    I am an MBA graduate with 10+ yrs experience and the wages that I get is way too less which is usually given to candidates with 2 or 3 yrs experience. There are people who says that wages are good in India but trust me there is nothing like that. I am facing a big challenge to grow financially and I am nowhere.

    I was told by my friend, I can apply for asylum in Germany and prove my professional and financial growth which is very poor and it can be accepted as Indian market is not giving me what I actually deserve.

    Many Indians might not like my comments but I am helpless to say this and its a fact and I am facing it.

    I need to understand what is the best option to move to germany or how to make my asylum case stronger.

    I really do not want to follow the wrong path to earn money. I want to follow everything legally. Can someone help me please.

    I have a family my mother and my sibblings in India and my mother is dependent on me and my brother.

    Please advice if I need to file an asylum case for me. I cannot apply for immigration process because I am not financially strong. They demand huge amounts and bank balance for immigration process and I dont have that much money. The only option I see is Asylum.

    Can someone please guide me the right way.

    I look forward to your kind reply.


    1. aGerman

      That won’t be working. You must show that you are in one of the groups. Looking for a better wage is not a reason for asylum, you will be rejected, are not allowed to work and then you are deported back.

      If you have qualifications, you may apply with a company. If they assure the authorities that they hire you, you will have a chance. A low chance though.

  47. Mohammad Heidarali

    Dear Sirs;
    I read through the account provided and wonder whether I may claim an application for asylum via email as I am not sure how I would be able to enter Germany without a valid entry visa at this stage.

    Thanks for your kind response , I remain.

    Yours sincerely
    Mohammad Heidarali
    Tehran – Iran

  48. Ilma

    If someone’s refugee application is rejected in Germany and if he or she appeals…until his or her stay in Germany can he or she work and study? Can a rejected asylum seeker receive a refugee travel document? Can he or she travel outside the European union after 3 years except his or her home country?

    1. aGerman

      No working for a refugee in Germany during the first three months. After 3 months, you can work, even if you are rejected but it will be hard to find a job.

      Not that I know of. Generally, once you have left the country, you are denied entry.

  49. Nyan latjor puok koryom

    I’m south sudaneses by nationality currently leaving in Germany came by legal way to Europe via beliguim . I’m submitting application to you office seeking for asylum and refugee in Germany. So what is the possible way for me not to go back to south Sudan . our home country has civil war which began in 2013 up to now?

  50. Arash

    I am refugee united nation of turkey , for my life here is many many problem I m stay here for 4 years , I’m 30years old , when I came here I was 26 years old , please help me please , I am one of christianity pepole of seventh day adventist , I have recognized of united nation and waiting for a country , I have not work permit here , Please help me to continue to live without any trouble please please please 🙏🙏🙏😞😞😞I want just life for myself please ,I had trouble in Iran ، thank you so much thank you

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad

  51. Nzibie George Kumbo

    i am a Cameroonian from Southern Cameroon and wish to apply for an asylum due to the current plaque plaquing us.

  52. itrat batool

    Hello sir!
    Me and my husband are dangerous and difficult situation in Pakistan please help us and I need asylum in germony

  53. Noah

    I would feel to immigrate to Germany with my family , help wife is treated unfairly by relatives because she belongs to another race.

  54. Arslan Ahmed

    Hi sir how are. I hope you are fine. Sir I have problem did u help me im a hepatitis c patient and I have a nose and heart problem and I need treatment I have breath problem I want to come in Germany for my treatment because I’m M not working more my condition is serious…day by day my health is going down and M now 30 years old and doctors ask me much more money need for my treatment and I don’t have money Please help me sir I need doctor and treatment thanks
    I’m a refugee
    And I m now in Athens Greece
    My name is Arslan Ahmed
    Thank you

  55. Nawalage Dammika

    Actually Iam very poor and I have no strong body there for my mind was got down but my country people don’t care us now I need to go Germany for teach my children as a refugee family please te me how I can come to Germany easy way send me answer

  56. Tarek H Jarman

    Hi good day my name is tarek jarman I leave in lebanon,
    I want to leave lebanon because I don’t have the rite like normal people I can not work 75 jobs in lebanon because I am palestinian and I am will educated I have lot of certificate like wella hair products and sales and marketing and cabin crew airline or cabin attendant ,
    I hope that u can help me and ask some one to help me god bless u and bless Germany

  57. Muhammad imran

    Sir I have run away from the neighbor’s girl, and my family and my wife’s family want to die. We are hiding for four years. The Babysitter’s child is hiding in Pakistan and I am going to steal I have come to hide my wife and my children in Pakistan, so I want refuge, they have been informed that I am in Greece, they sent my brothers to Counmon, to kill me, so my wife children Threatened to kill me and my wife and children have appealed to the government to be sheltered This is my number +306945295286

  58. Naureen Asher

    I’m with my husband and 3 kids,15,14,and 10 years old.We are Christian Pakistani and fled to Malaysia because of religious persecution having life threats .We reach Malaysia in sept. 2014 and applied assylum in UNHCR. They gave us simple appointment cards and said come on 9-4-18 for Registration.So we waited 4 years .At this date we went UNHCR office for registration but they gave us new appointment cards without any future date.They didn’t register us till this date.Then they call in November to come on 25 Nov 2018 for registration.So we went on this date the officer registered us and interviewed shortly and gave us the letter to come on 25 Feb 2019 for RSD Sedule
    My question is this my cousin is in Germany since long and is citizen there.Can she help us in any way like she can sponsor us? Plz guide because my husband is diabetic and being refugees facing many problems.Thanks God bless you

  59. Akki

    Hello there one of my native went to the Germany as a refugee and he doesn’t have any work permit but still he had been done some work and few days ago police caught him and he is in custody now and he doesn’t want to deporte to the India. So anyone can help me to understand what are the aftereffects and solutions in this situation.
    thanks 🙂

  60. Dhvanit India

    Presently i am on a student visa for Australia, i am a male from India and already having wife n doughter who is aging 4 years both are in India,i am 30year old , I have my girlfriend and she is in India but as i am already married me and my girlfriend are unsafe into India, our future is very difficult as because of the social stigma, on this ground can I apply for refugee visa for any country?

  61. Alanoud

    Can i apply for religious asylum? My country doesnt allow any other religion than Islam if i do take any religion other than that i could go to jail .

  62. Mohammad

    I am from Syria, and I leave in Turkey now,
    I work i one studies center which is consider as Opposition, I work there as translator and researcher.
    I have my family (my wife and 3 small kids).
    to comeback to syria, for long term, is impossible, and to stay in Turkey is difficult to manage life for family, rathar than to care what to translate or to write

    so if there is/ are any help for this point, please provide me

    best regards

  63. Fatma lodhi

    Hi i need help and im seeking asylum in Germany but i dont know where i can fill the form and if you could kindly send me an email address where i can write my applicationand i can apply for asylum there and i and my bestfriend fit in category1,2 and three perfectly and we are in great need of protection aswe are facing trouble due to the Intelligence here and they are corrupt officers molesting abusing harassing us every now and then and we haveare getting no justice and no help as these people are too powerful aour lives and honor are endagangered.I have an American highschool diploma where as my bestfriend is a professional staff nurse and we need to move from Pakistan as soon as possible.looking forward to your cooperation.regards fatma lodhi

  64. Anuruddha

    I am a sri lankan i need to apply for this german refugee i have already a1 language course certificate .so can i apply for this and i need more details.pls send me those details

  65. Nenad

    Hello. I wanted to ask if i have open case for Asylum seeking in Germany and in the main time i find Canada better option for me, here are the questions:
    Will Canada accept me as Asylum seeker ?
    What rules will Germany apply to me after taking this step?
    Thank you

  66. Anonymous

    Hi, I’m a UN protected refugee for last 4 years in Cuba ( im not Cuban ) and was wondering if i can a way to be resettled in Germany. . is there anyway or source? is there any official process by BAMF ?

  67. Mohamed Hassan Ali

    yes please and please help me because of Iam refugee and Iam stying 13 yrs please Iam very interesting Germany Ilike Germany

  68. Amanuel

    Hello der My name is Amanuel Ethiopia First of all i like to thank you very much because i live in poverty every day . I grew up in the 9th because i preached because now i have learned that have 7 freinds . i have learned we have 3 traind and now we want to be proud of you. How i wish i had ..

  69. Denise Dadirai Mwendamberi

    Hello how you? Please help I want to know how I can apply for an asylum in German? Iam from Zimbabwe .we have been threatened to be killed for supporting another political party please help me and my children.. please

  70. Farhad

    I am student in Germany. During this time, i have been active as a political activator.Moreover, regarding to my activities, my family is treated i my home country. I am so afraid to come back to my home country.
    Can i apply for asylum? I am melde here and have part-time job; can i stay in my apartment during reviewing my application?

    1. indika

      hello sir
      i am from sri lank can i apply as a refuge in germany now sri lanka politic is not so good that why i going to apply for this it is possible to do,thank you sir

  71. Girum mandefro Tirfe

    Hello good morning I hope you are all of you save in Germany from this virus I am please be safe in the name of Jesus I am looking protection refugee please I need help contacting me God bless you

    1. Mirwais jalali

      My name is said Mirwais. I am from Afghanistan. I live in Herat with my wife and child. I had a barber myself. I was a barber for a few years.
      National Army
      The first battalion
      The second
      Qul urdu 207zafar
      And b biometric system
      I went to the biometric system. After 9 months, I went home on vacation when the Taliban captured Herat while my life was in danger. I went to Kabul for a month. I live somewhere else, please help me. I have a job. I am in prison for twenty-four

      Thank you very much for your help and understanding.
      look forward to hear from you soon.

  72. Marina Catalano

    I m an American citizen and need asylum for myself and my two sons. There are acts of terror being allowed here now, there is chaos, riots, buildings being set on fire, extremists are terrorizing cities, towns, people. There is no where to hide. We need help to get out of here, there is no help, no way to get out of here except Mexico and there is dangerous too!

  73. Siddik Gani

    Hello .i do leave in france since 4 years . I jaut wanted to know what if my case was rejected in france can i apply assylum in germany again. Waiting for your reply .thanks

  74. Siddik Gani

    Hello .i do leave in france since 4 years . I jaut wanted to know what if my case was rejected in france can i apply assylum in germany again. Waiting for your reply .thanks


    Thank you my comment is as i have one girl at the age of 12 years iam a single mother.i have torture in my country from a group of people under the leadership of a magic sudaness lady who tortures in my country i dont feel that iam a uganda bse of 12 years torture i preffer to be a rufugee in Germany and keep working to earn a living in germany.i dont have any crime record in my life within the country.she oppressed me and most people joined her spirit world i was unable bse of too much torture .i cant find a job bse she influences and blocks me from getting a job.i tried to seek for protection nothing has been done.she destroys my body organs using magic everyday she pulls my body system organs using magic the same to my daughter.iam real seeking your office to accept me as a refugee in your country i will obey rules and regulations of Germany.thanks Lilly

  76. 0093795969697

    My name is Mirwais. I am from Afghanistan. I live in Herat with my wife and child. I had a barber myself. I was a barber for a few years.
    National Army
    The first battalion
    The second
    Qul urdu 207zafar
    And b biometric system
    I went to the biometric system. After 9 months, I went home on vacation when the Taliban captured Herat while my life was in danger. I went to Kabul for a month. I live somewhere else, please help me. I have a job. I am in prison for twenty-four

    Thank you very much for your help and understanding.
     look forward to hear from you soon.

  77. Bismillahgul

    Hi respectful ser
    I am bismillahgul from Afghanistan
    I live in Afghanistan north side paktay Gardez
    So i ma edacuted i have 10th pas school
    I am have driver license
    There are i have no way for job and during life
    So na i am in so unhappy u plz help me i have already pasport id card awialabe thanks for chaeking masg

  78. Hadush

    I’m hadush,live in Addis Ababa which is acapital city of Ethiopia. I am in crises now . The government wanted me to arrest because of being tgrian. I am a teacher but not participated in politics. Many my co workers are arrested by police based on t…

  79. Mrs ali

    Hello..i come Germany through tourist visa and apply for assylum.. during my visa i leave Germany and go back my hometown…can i get Schengen visa again

    1. Hadush

      I’m hadush,live in Addis Ababa which is acapital city of Ethiopia. I am in crises now . The government wanted me to arrest because of being tgrian. I am a teacher but not participated in politics. Many my co workers are arrested by police based on t…
      Phone number +251921569884

  80. bismillah Gul

    Hi i am bismillahgul from Afghanistan north
    I am a dirver and now i am in so hard situation in our country plz give me a visa for best live in Feauture now days i dont happy in my home country beacuse there all place live taliaban and he didn’t chance for doing job plzz help mee German

    1. Hadush

      I am hadush,live in Addis Ababa which is acapital city of Ethiopia. I am in crises now . The government wanted me to arrest because of being tgrian. I am a teacher but not participated in politics. Many my co workers are arrested by police based on t…
      Phone number +251921569884
      Ethiopia Addis Ababa

  81. Pingback: EU COUNTRIES agree to take in 40,000 Afghan Refugees - Secular Underground Network

    1. Bismillahkhan Khan

      Helo i also wating for u

      On Sun, 6 Feb 2022, 18:44 Open Borders Immigration, wrote:

      > Ayub Juma Peter Angelo commented: “Iam seeking for Asylum in Garmany” >

  82. Hadush

    I am Hadush , currently working as a teacher in government school in Addis Ababa. As you knew, there is a conflict between the federal government of Ethiopia and Tigray region . Because of this reason many Tigrian people in Addis Ababa and other stares are arresting by federal govermentdue to being Tigrians. since I am from Tigriay region but living in Addis Ababa, I and my family are at risk. I am free from any political activity but because of my ethnicity polices are going to arrest me. Therefore, I kindly requesting you to save me and my family from this bad situation in your Embassy or any of your organisations.

    Thank you very much for your help

    Thank you
    With best regards

    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  83. Anonymous

    Good morning my daugther is a student in Ukraine, can she apply for asylum In germany and what are the process

  84. Faou sowe

    Hello dear. I can apply asylum if am married and am not with my husband like eg my husband is in Africa and I came to Germany alone can I apply asylum and how can my asylum be approved thanks waiting for answer please 🥺

    1. May

      Hello,am May.i was one of Ukraine war victims.i fled to Germany and I was given 3 month assylum card…I am actually fro Ghana.I have a brother in Canada who is sending me an invitation soon.But I have being giving a three months assylum here in Germany as a war victim.please,I hope this will not affect me to move to Canada
      Because I heard they don’t allow assylum people to leave the country to the third country.please I need more light on these guys.thabk you

  85. bibi

    Hello everyone my tip for thouse who are planing to come to Germany if you have a chance to go to other country that would be good i lived in germany almost 22 years i don’t even have a permanet permit speciality if you are a woman like me don’t come here if you have plan to have your own family … the permit that i have to stay here is called article 25.3(that makes you like a handy handicap) i came here when i was 22 i had a plan one day i might have a german pass then go to the us or canada to change my life now i am almost 44 no child no life no hope. I wish you all the best for all of you

  86. Igbinedion David Prince

    So if I should apply for a Shanghai visa be because I want to settle in Berlin and also I like to dress like a girl and my aim is to be very happy and live very good and working with online marketing jobs
    Because I used to have residential permit from Italy and I was deported
    Though I didn’t know it was deportation because I have lost my late father so I have asked my lawyer in Berlin to go in Nigeria for visit
    Arriving home and reading all my papers I see that a friend of mine was complaining about me that I was asking about her real name and identity be because she told me she was a transexule I really don’t understand
    My documents was because I needed asylum and I really wanted to stay in Europe omg
    So if I have this visa do I have the right to have my residence permit at hand because the Italia police made a denounced of my documents
    So I can have this visa?
    Then I could go in my house in Berlin?
    And live good there

      1. Fazal maula

        Some people in Pakistan they threat me and torture in any social victim.
        Imentally very disturb because, my education career deeply demage from their negative propaganda.
        My family members also very demolished in KP terrorism please indulged with me.
        I am pushtoon boy my mother lenguage is pushto and I want to some work in Germany for my own opinion and wish I do very hardly work some Germon people.

  87. Lesya

    My cousin works in Europe as a lorry driver,
    He has Russian nationality due to his Ukrainian parents moved to Russia when he was small.
    He was born in Ukraine, keep close ties with his Ukrainian family.
    He left Russia before the war with Ukraine
    He can not go back now because he either will be mobilised to the army to fight or persecution
    Can he claim an asylum in Germany?
    Thank you.

    1. Sikabwe pierre Andre

      My name is Sikabwe pierre Andre. I am from Africa (Republic democratic of congo). I live in burundi as a refugee with my two brothers, I have a passport and I come here to request a asylum seeker because my life is so hard here in burundi, please help me , I am a jobless here

      Thank you very much for your help and understanding.
      look forward to hear from you soon.

  88. Jamila Ali

    My name is Jamila Ali from Kenya am 20 years old I want to work in your country I want is to help my family home please accept me🙏🏻.

  89. Itangishaka gift

    Good evening sir my name is gift itangishaka from burundi I m looking for aslyum seeker in Germany coz my country Burundi is in bad condition of crisis and mudurer but now I am in Kenya and Kenya also is in bad condition of poverty I am waiting for your help

  90. Rabi Alom

    I am from Myanmar who faced systemitical genocide in my country, now we are in Bangladesh Rohingya refugee camp Cox’s Bazar District. Also we have no sleep, peace 24 hours at risk because of the rebel gang operation on innocent people just to earn their benefits. ETC…

  91. Mohammad Ahmad ali

    Hi I’m a police officer at SWAT Pakistan.. I have severe threats of target killing by the TTP …can you help me in getting out of here please…

  92. Sameer

    Hello i am sameer 28 years i want asylum in germany becuse i am alone i have no parents in my country i want to come in germany there is my contact number 03000363282 plz help

  93. Alexis Ndayirorere

    I am by name Alexis Ndayirorere burundian male staying in Kenya refugee camp I am looking for resettlement in Germany as I was forced to flee from my country due to the conflict between my uncle who killed my all parents in order to take over the whole our properties and land ,he did it because of his power from his status of being Major general chief in military department, by now I am looking for resettlement in Germany in order to live safely as I don’t have any Idea of going back to my email address is
    My phone number and Whatsapp number is +254113560132 ,I am located in Kenya refugee camp kalobeyei settlement village two N23C3H12 .


      What I am looking for is a refugee protection because even here in this camp the military group of my uncle are usually coming to follow me and kill me so that the case can be finished,I have already been tortured three times by unknown people and they find me in a refugee camp

  94. Arfan

    Hi my name is arfn and I have been a torture and harassment victim in Pakistan since three years old and still . Thank you for this webpage. I would like to get a response from the German Consulate so I’m leaving my email

  95. Adnan sajid

    I’m in Cyprus here have to much problem from Pakistan people plz can you change mY asylum can you change my asylum in Germany. I’m very good working

  96. Bahram hafizullah

    Hello, I am an Afghan child. I have been living in Tajikistan for 5 years. The reason I left Afghanistan was because my father was killed because he was a government employee and was always against the Taliban. My father’s name was Qasim. We were brought to Tajikistan. I live here with my two sisters and my mother. I have 5 brothers and 4 sisters. They are strict Muslims. They don’t recognize war and execution anymore, and I married a Tajik woman who had two children and I was raising them. I am a Christian child. I believe in Jesus. My family is Muslim and they found out that I am a Christian child. And they made me aware of this with all the family members and took me out of the house with my wife and children and said that you should be killed and we should send you to Afghanistan and hand them over to the Taliban and I ran away to a hidden place. I am alive and I am left alone and without anyone. I have no one to help me and I chatted with the members of the church and they gave me the email address and I have no one to help me except you. I want you to help me and save me from misfortune. I am left alone, I don’t need your help.I ask you to accept my request, I am in danger


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